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Aaron Arias


I installed factory link 6.5.0. I tried to configure the OLE automation server to use the FLOCX on visual basic 6.0. When i tried to browse the database through the database browser button i got "Error opening the factory link database - Microsoft Jet Database Motor couldn't find the object 'object.cdb'".

I verified the system variable FLAPP and it's Ok. Could someone help me? thanks in advance.

Gustavo A. Valero P.

Hi Aaron,

Although you indicated that FLAPP's value is set, it could be pointing to another app which is not running or does not exist.

The object/database 'object.cdb' is where FL stores all tags so, if FLOCX can't see it inside a valid FL app (directory) FLOCX assumes that there is no an FL app.

Try to set FactoryLink environment variable 'FLAPP' to value different to 'c:\flapp' (default), instead, set to your FL app, e.g. 'c:\MyFLapp' or 'd:\MyTestApp'.

FL gives an example of it if you like, the default directory where the example is placed is " ...Program Files\flocx\VBSample\RunMgr" (I don't remember well if it is the same directory in 6.5 ... the lastest FL version is 7.5.1).

Suerte y feliz día!.

Gustavo A. Valero P.
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