WinCC connectivity with SATTBUS (Comli)


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In one of my project I have establish connectivity between WinCC SCADA and Sattbus. As WinCC do not have driver for Sattbus interface, I do not know how to link new WinCC with existing Sattbus.
It will be very much helpful to me if you could reply.

Requirement of new WinCC package is from my customer which can not deviate. Whereas esisting sattcon system is doing fine. Therefore my customer do not wants change the same.

If anybody knows about OPC or other sources by which I can fetch data from sattbus to WinCC, please do reply.
There is an OPC driver for COMLi written by Novotek. This is the one used by Intellution (Fix). We have tried and played around with this one and managed to get it to work reliably.

However my preference would be to use Wonderwares COMLi IO server (DDE) as it is reliable as long as you don't loose connections often. DDE is stable and straight forward

You can use DDE -> OPC by using an intermediate like Kepware (rockwells choice for connecting DDE) and then connect to WinCC using Kepware OPC as your dataprovider. PLC->DDE->Kepware->WinCC.

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I am working on a similar project wincc over sattbus for communicating with sattcon plc. could you tell me the most raw method of ensuring whether ur pc is communicating with
sattbus? In my case I am not able to get the data on WinCC.