wonderware scada and AB SLC 5/05


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communication between Wonderware scada and AB SLC 5/05 through a OPC server.
can u give me a guide line on this prob if i have DH+ comm protocol?

is it possible?
if i have wonderware scada and kepserver demo in my laptop, can i do the communication at home without having PLC? just communication between scada and kep server. or its is essential to have a PLC?

pls if anybody has guide line then pls pls help me out..

i really appreciate u and ur kind help.
As others have said SLC 5/05 do not do DH+. They do Ethernet or DF1 Serial.

There are 3 Wonderware native servers you can use.

DASABTCP for Ethernet connection
DASABKF2 for a serial RS232 connection.

DASABCIP will also work for newer 5/05s although I have not tried it on SLCs.

Kepware has the equivalent of these as well. Personally I think DASABTCP is the easiest to set up and use.
thanks fr replying me .. i really appreciate ur divine effort behind ma prob.. but still i have question how can i generate tags in KEp from wonderware.. do i have to allocate each and every tag which actually present in wonderware


all the tags in wonderware can automatically red and fatched by the KEp software itself..??

and it is then please please tell me how to do it..
because i generate the channel and device but still i didn't get any response and at last i was hangged out .. please me help me out.. how to do it..

thanks in anticipation of ur prompt and kind response..

and if it is possible then can u give me a flow chart of the whole process or send a link so from where i can find the correct solution..

thank u sir.


Paul Edwards

You do not need to generate any tags in Kepware.

Just specify the access name in Wonderware which links to the topic you created in Kepware. Then on your InTouch tags specify the register name in your item name field. If you are having problems getting communications to work first disable your firewall to make sure it is not blocking the messages and then try pinging the PLC to make sure a connection can be established. Connect to Kepware using Suitelink (I think its application name for this is Servermain but check the docs).

It should be a straightforward server to set up. Also try kepwares website they probably have application notes on how to do it.