Bosch Rexroth Debuts Latest Industrial Linear Rails with Multiple Precision Levels

January 22, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Recently, Bosch announced the latest release of their Precision Modules PSK, the PSK generation 2.

New Range of Precision Modules from Bosch

These devices from Bosch Rexroth are linear rails that allow for precision positioning and utilize a ball and screw method. Compared to the previous generation, the new devices have increased rigidity and are available in two precision levels.



These new rail systems also allow customers to choose which side of the rail has the smoothed reference edge. The new range also comes in three different versions, all having different available lengths. The PSK-050-NN-2 has lengths between 100mm and 400mm. The PSK-060-NN-2 has lengths between 150mm and 700mm. The PSK-090-NN-2 has lengths between 340mm and 940mm.

The range of modules can be connected to NEMA stepper motors using a belt sealed inside an enclosure. Additional motor mounts exist which remove the use of a belt and instead directly couple with the end of the linear rail. The use of the timing belt accessory helps to reduce the overall length of the module.

Various accessories are available, including limit switches to prevent damage to the linear rail system and cable extension for connecting motors and sensors to control units.


New Lubrication Options and Systems

The new PSK Generation 2 range's main feature is their various lubrication options and ability to be environmentally sealed. 


The PSK Generation 2 range. Image courtesy of Bosch Rexroth


The new range is sealed to prevent any material from entering the internal mechanical system. The PSK Generation 2 range comes in various lubrication options, including standard, LSS, LSC, and automatic. Not all customers require sealing, and other options are available, including the use of no cover, a cover plate, and a sealing strip.

Standard lubrication sees the module pre-lubricated, whereas LSS and LSC allow for the designer to choose between different lubrications depending on the end application.

The last option, automatic, is a liquid grease system that sees the module automatically grease itself without user intervention, always ensuring the proper amount is applied.


New PSK Modules 

The use of sealed bearings and protection against material makes the PSK Generation 2 designed for dusty and moist applications. Normally, this would include many industrial processes, but their high positioning accuracy makes them particularly well suited for the semiconductor industry, such as step-and-repeat processes.

The ability to use lubricants rated for clean rooms means that the PSK Generation 2 range is also made for clean rooms.

Not only are these units protected against dust and particulates, but they also prevent the release through the use of seals.

The linear rails' accuracy also makes them suitable for robotic construction precision systems such as pick-and-place systems. The ability for customers to decide which edge is their reference frame also makes the PSK Generation 2 built for fast installation of new processes and prototyping.