FAULHABER Releases Integrated Speed Controllers for Flat Motors

June 18, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Faulhaber announced the latest DC servomotors, the BXT range, that incorporates speed controllers for light-weight applications.

What are the specs of these motors, and what advantages do these have other others?


Integrating Motor Controls

Many designs require advanced control such as the ability to determine the exact position of the motor via an encoder or control the speed of the motor using PWM.

In these cases, more complex circuitry is required, and this can often lead to bulky sensors and attachments that can prolong the final design plans. In these cases, a motor that incorporates these functions is not only advantageous but also simpler.


Introducing the BXT

To meet these demands, Faulhaber has released their latest range of motors, the BXT, that aims to provide high torque with speed control in a single package.

The range utilizes other Faulhaber motors already in production and adds an additional height of just 7mm. In this 7mm, the motor includes an integrated speed controller that maximizes the use of power across the entire speed range while a special cooling design minimizes thermal losses.


BXT motor from Faulhaber. Image used courtesy of Faulhaber


The motor range has a torque rating up to 92mNm, continuous output up to 60W, precise mechanical speed control ranging from 200 RPM to 10,000 RPM, and optional secondary shafts of either 32mm and 42mm.

Utilizing the motors is made easy thanks to Faulhaber’s motor software solution “Motion Manager”. The motor is accessed via a single 6-wire flat-pole connector, but other connection options are available. The BXT motor is highly ideal for compact applications requiring speed control and high torque which includes pumps, hand-held devices, equipment manufacturing, and industrial automation.


BXT Motor Range

The range of BXT motors offered by Faulhaber includes a range of shaft sizes, RPMs, and power capabilities. The series 2214, being the smallest powered motor in the range, has a nominal voltage range between 6V to 24V, a power output of 6W, a no-load speed of 6.970 min-1, and a diameter of 22mm.

One of the largest motors in the range by power, the Series 4221, has a nominal voltage between 18V to 48V, a power output of 100W, no-load speed of 6.070min-1, and a diameter of 42mm.


The Series 4221 motor. Image used courtesy of Faulhaber


The motor's flat design allows them to be used in space-critical applications, and the motor range incorporates iron-core motors, 14 rare-earth magnets, and 12 teeth.

Each motor in the range is available in either its house or no-housing counterpart to allow designs to either use a premade housing or design their own holder. The motor's small size and high torque provide designers with a solution that is both compact and powerful.

The BXT range demonstrates the importance of integrating features into a pre-existing motor. Not only does the manufacturer have direct access to the casing, but it also has the ability to change the shape and internal structure to fit additional parts.

This solution is compact and aims to add functionality to the motor externally.