Mitsubishi’s New MELSERVO-J5 Series With Motors, Encoders, and More

April 04, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Mitsubishi introduces the J5 series, bringing advancements in AC servos, amplifiers, and motion control units. 

Intelligent Systems

All aspects of an industrial process are subjected to technological pressures and the introduction of the IIoT has demonstrated this perfectly.

Software platforms need to be able to communicate with each other while sensors are required to connect to PLCs which then need to stream that data to a central AI.

Even the faithful motor is being targeted with a strong desire for industrial processes to move to motors that integrate sensors and smart technologies so they can perform self-monitoring tasks, self-adjust, and report malfunctions in real-time. 


Mitsubishi's New MELSERVO-J5

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has announced its latest addition to the MELSERVO series, the J5. The MELSERVO series are motor-related products that date back to the 1980s. 

These products have been designed with performance and flexibility in industrial processes. The MELSERVO-J5 series is aimed at all aspects of industrial processes including manufacturing, printing, packaging, converting, and material handling. 

The MELSERVO-J5 series includes servo amplifiers with CC-Link IE TSN interfaces, rotary servo motors with integrated 26-bit absolute position encoder, linear servo motors, and direct drive motors for applications that require low speed and high torque.


Reducing Complexity

The new MELSERVO-J5 includes features that aim to reduce complexity in the installation and tuning of motor systems. One feature is “Quick Tuning” which allows users to tune their motors in 0.3 seconds which is possible thanks to the servo amplifiers.


mitsubishi jet server

MELSERVO-J5 range. Image used courtesy of Mitsubishi Electric Automation


These amplifiers can set the speed loop gain and reduce resonance on command, which helps with reliability and accuracy and thanks to the automatic generation of gain values no experience is needed to operate the system.

Other features that the servo amplifiers include are vibration suppression, multi-axis servos, predictive maintenance, and multi-network capabilities including CC-Link IE TSN and EtherCAT.

The MELSERVO-J5 range has a 31.2us communication cycle and a 3.5kHz speed frequency response rate which ensures that the motors are not only precise but also have a minimized settling time.

With the capability to handle up to 256 axis, the MELSERVO-J5 series are all programmed in a single software environment making integration easy.


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