New Actuator Control Panel Designed for Hazardous Conditions

March 16, 2020 by Jacob Ramirez

Rotork recently announced its all-new local controls station for actuators and general flow control. 

The Local Hand Station is a new panel that allows the user direct, secure control over actuators and associated field devices with a simple interface that can be deployed in a variety of situations, including inhospitable or hard-to-reach industrial areas.


Who is Rotork?

Headquartered in Bath, England, Rotork PLC specializes in the manufacturing and development of industrial equipment for flow control. The company's product suite includes a variety of controls equipment, including valve actuators, gearboxes, controls systems, as well as instrumentation and accessories. 

Rotork has been an industry leader in Florida control for over 60 years and seeks to continue said leadership as through the development of this new flow control interface, the Local Hand Station.


Rotork Releases Actuator Control Panel

Rotork's Local Hand Station is a localized flow control system, designed to be deployed in potentially hazardous or remote areas. It connects directly to the field device or actuator in a flow system, working between the device and its distributed control system (DCS). 


local hand station

The Local Hand Station Actuator Control Panel. Image used courtesy of Rotork.


The hand station is intended to provide complete, on-site control of the actuator at a moment's notice, with the ability to override the DCS system to prevent unwanted operation and accidental complications. To meet this end, the Local Hand Station comes equipped with a variety of safety and quality-of-life features that allow it to operate reliably in extremely demanding industrial conditions. 


New System Certified for Hazardous Conditions 

One of the key features of the hand station is its deployability, with the capability to be mounted on both poles and walls. While the system connects directly to the field device, it is able to be connected from a distance, circumventing potential complications where the device may be unreachable or conditions are inhospitable.

As a result, the hand station has an IP 68 rating, and is ATEX and IECEx certified for hazardous conditions.

Furthermore, the Local Hand Station features complete flow control that is both simple, and comprehensive.

As stated earlier, the control panel interface exists between the actuator and the DCS. Because of this, The Local Hand Station allows for the complete override of DCS control signals to ensure complete local control over the flow systems.

This allows for safe maintenance operations with no fear of unwanted errors.

The panel interface consists of four indication lamps showing the current status of the system, as well as full rotary switches, which Rotork claims are resistant to sticking or jamming. These switches include a Local/Stop/Remote selector that can be locked to meet controls needs, as well as an Open/Close flow knob.

Finally, the system features an emergency shutdown button that can be used to override controls and shut down the connected system. 



Do you use actuator control panels? 


Featured image used courtesy of Rotork.