STMicro Partners with Schneider Electric to Further Develop IIoT Solutions for Power Management

January 06, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

STM Electronics chooses Schneider Electric to develop energy-efficient products and solutions for a carbon-neutral future.

STMicroelectronics is an independent manufacturer that specializes in semiconductor technologies. The company creates solutions that are hoped to drive digital transformation, provide smarter mobility, more efficient energy and power management, and further IoT and 5G technology development. 

Recently, STM announced its choice in selecting Schneider Electric as a strategic partner. The partnership aims to push forward efforts to reach the goal of carbon neutrality by 2027. The companies will combine their control components and IIoT technology to generate energy-efficient solutions for a greener future. 


STM’s Carbon Neutral Targets

STM hopes to achieve compliance with the 1.5°C scenario outlined at the Paris COP21 by 2025. This points toward a 50% reduction of direct and indirect emissions compared to 2018. 


A graphic showing Schneider's IIoT efforts. Image courtesy of Schneider


STM also endeavors to source 100% renewable energy by 2027. On-site solar installations, green-power purchase agreements, and green certificates will be sought and employed to achieve this. 

The company’s action plan aims to reduce overall energy consumption and direct emissions of greenhouse gases. The company hopes to achieve the latter through investment in control equipment used to burn the gases remaining after manufacturing. 

STM will also be planning to reduce emissions stemming from business travel, product transportation, and employee commuting. The remaining emissions will be tackled through the identification and implementation of carbon avoidance and sequestration programs.

Jean-Marc Chery, STM’s President, and CEO, provided his comments in a recent news release, “...we have built a comprehensive program that covers extensive actions in our fabs – key assets that will strengthen our design sites, our global energy procurement of 100% renewable energy, and our overall footprint throughout our operations globally.”


STM and Schneider’s Components 

Together, STM and Schneider will collaborate to find energy-efficient solutions to help reduce energy consumption on ST’s industrial manufacturing and design sites. 

With this partnership, the two companies hope to develop more components together. They will design components specifically for digital transformation, industrial applications, building automation, and data centers. 

Other areas that will be tackled by the duo ST’s renewable energy sourcing strategy and implementing and identifying credible carbon avoidance.


Focusing on Industrial Applications

STM and Schneider wish to increase collaboration and create more joint products, technologies, and solutions.


ST and Schneider Electric aim to reduce energy consumption. Image courtesy of Schneider


In the same news release, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric, said, “Both a customer and a supplier, STMicroelectronics is one of our key partners in this endeavor. By using ST solutions in our products, we can accelerate our performance and efficiency. In turn, by working with ST to set and achieve its carbon reduction targets, we create a virtuous cycle that contributes to the fight against climate change while reaching our respective sustainability goals.”

These new solutions will focus on enhancing energy efficiency, supporting digital transformation in buildings, industrial applications, data centers, and infrastructure.