Schneider Electric Deploys IT Infrastructure in Edge Computing Environments with New UPS

June 30, 2021 by Nancy Chenyizhi Liu

Schneider Electric’s latest APC Smart-UPS Ultra is a 3-kW single-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS), designed to deliver more power in less space for edge applications.

Schneider Electric claims the new APC Smart-UPS Ultra is the first 3 kW 1 U single-phase UPS on the market. The device offers 2.4 times more power-dense, and it is up to 50% of the size and weight of comparable products. 

The company included flexible mounting options to free up valuable IT space in distributed edge computing environments. In addition, it features Lithium-ion batteries and EcoStruxure Ready cloud-based monitoring.


Meeting the Demand for Compact Smart-UPS 

Created by American Power Conversion (APC), the Smart-UPS is a series of UPS designed to supply network-grate power to protect equipment and data from interruptions for hubs, routers, servers, switches, point-of-sale, and other network devices.


Video used courtesy of APC by Schneider Electric


According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the global edge computing market is at 12.5% annual growth, reaching an estimated 250.6 billion in 2024. It drives the need for localized compute, storage, and network resources. However, IT professionals and solution providers are still facing challenges in deploying, configuring, and maintaining the IT infrastructure for geographically dispersed locations.

By introducing the APC Smart-UPS Ultra, Schneider Electric plans to meet the demand of improving local, regional, and cloud data centers to be more efficient, sustainable, and adaptable. The company utilized the “next generation” industrial automation technology to make the single-phase UPS lighter and more powerful. The new device can power distributed IT and edge computing with the lithium-ion technology, explained Tarunjeet Sarao, Senior Vice President, Transactional & Edge Line of Business at Schneider Electric.


UPS Integrates with Schneider’s EcoStruxure

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra is a 1 U form factor weighing 35 pounds. It can stand up on its own with flexible mounting options, including ceiling, wall, rack, tower, or small pedestal. This design allows more space for IT equipment.

Compared to the traditional valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) powered UPS, the Lithium-ion battery in the APC Smart-UPS Ultra device lasts up to three times longer. In addition, under normal operating conditions, there is no need to replace this battery which helps reduce the replacement labor and service costs and site visits.


The Smart-UPS Ultra. Screenshot used courtesy of APC by Schneider Electric


Integrated with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Ready software, the APC Smart-UPS Ultra allows cloud-based monitoring and visibility across multiple UPS devices. It also helps to optimize performance by data-driven recommendations. The device connects via Ethernet Port or embedded network port and offers UPS management options such as customizable, automated health alerts.


UPS Solutions for Industrial Control Applications

UPS solutions are used for control in various industrial environments, spanning from food and beverage, transportation, pharmaceutical, utilities, automotive, semiconductor to renewable energy. This kind of equipment can be used in harsh environments with wide ranges of temperature and air conditions.

Schneider designed this Smart-UPS Ultra to save space for pre-integrated micro-data center solutions. It combines power protection with built-in remote monitoring, secure management options, cooling, and more.

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra comes with a five-year warranty. The company claimed it could save up to 15% in the total cost of ownership (TCO) over ten years.