ABB Dynamic Assembly Pack: The Missing Piece in Automotive Assembly Applications

September 10, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

ABB's Dynamic Assembly Pack for Final Trim and Assembly combines real-time cameras with integrated force control sensors to allow robots to track positions more precisely.

In turn, this makes the automated installation of everything from carpets to bumpers faster and more productive.


Final Trim Assembly and ABB Dynamic Assembly Pack

According to automation industry leader ABB, less than 5% of the Final Trim Assembly (FTA) benefits from robotic automation.

Variations in production line speed, the vibration of automatic guided vehicles and conveyor belts, uneven floors, and other system irregularities combine to introduce difficulties when installing final trim automotive components that require high precision alignment. As a result of these difficulties in correct positioning, production is often slowed down or even paused to ensure proper alignment. 


ABB's new Dynamic Assembly Pack allows complex final trim assembly tasks to be automated with high precision and increased productivity. Image courtesy of ABB.


ABB claims their new Dynamic Assembly Pack for FTA provides the missing piece in FTA. This piece achieves an efficient, precise, and accurate automated solution to tricky FTA tasks that would otherwise reduce productivity. ABB solves the misalignment and hard to track assembly targets through several new technologies. It's a combination of a Universal Video Tracking (UVT) camera, Compliant Vision Guidance (CVG) cameras, and integrated force control sensors.

This allows a robot tool to synchronize, track, and install components on unstable targets moving along a continuous production line.


How the ABB Assembly Pack Works

The UVT camera tracks the car body's position as it enters an assembly workstation, synchronizing with the assembly line. 

Once the car body reaches a set position, one or two CVG cameras located on the robot tool begin scanning the car body for reference points (e.g., door edges) by taking images at 30 - 40 fps. The CVG camera images determine where the attachment point is and the adjustments needed to line up with the part to be attached. 


ABB's Dynamic Assembly Pack supports a fully automated cell that increases the flexibility and automation level for challenging FTA processes. Image courtesy of ABB.


As the robot arm moves toward the attachment point, integrated force control sensors (typically installed between the robot's wrist and the tool) provide feedback based on torque and force inputs as it makes contact with the car body. This feedback allows the robot to find the installation position such that parts can be fitted with millimeter precision. 


Additional Features of the Dynamic Assembly Pack

The Dynamic Assembly Pack by ABB is easy to integrate with existing assembly lines, compatible with ABB's Wizard software for industrial robot programming, improves productivity for and constitutes a replicable, scalable modular cell. All cameras included LEDs to provide a level of illumination that remains consistent to account for any variations in lighting.

The ABB Dynamic Assembly Pack, with its combination of UVT, CVT, and force control sensors, makes it possible to automate high-precision assembly tasks involving unpredictable targets. It is undoubtedly an industry-game changer for FTA processes, allowing automobile manufacturers to find an efficient, reliable means of automating high precision assembly tasks.