Allied Electronics and Schneider Electric Partner to Provide Resources for Building Industrial Control Panels

August 17, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Allied Electronics and Schneider Electric come together to provide customers with collective resources needed to design and build industrial control panels.

Allied Electronics and Automation recently entered into a partnership with Schneider Electric, a leader in energy and digital automation solutions.

Together, the duo will be providing its network of customers with a range of digital resources. These resources will be hosted on Allied Electronics' Build a Better Control Cabinet digital hub. Customers have a wide range of components to choose from and can design, build, and maintain industrial control panels and cabinets. 


Allied Electronics Build a Better Control Panel digital hub provides an invaluable repository of control panel components from Schneider electric for customers to choose from. Image courtesy of Allied Electronics. 


When first coming to Allied's online hub, customers will see the industrial control cabinet product map. This allows users to access parts at a glance easily.


The EZ Product Selection Tool

By using Schneider Electric's product selection tool, customers can benefit from online support. They can receive information regarding frequently asked questions. Customers can also use a cross-reference tool to find equivalent equipment to replace obsolete or competitor products and documents.


The interface for the EZ Product Selection Assistance Tool by Schneider Electric, hosted by Allied Electronics. Image courtesy of Allied Electronics.


They can also utilize the download center for access to computer-aided design (CAD) files, technical reports, brochures, drawings, and more. The EZ product selection tool has a question and answer interface for users to choose specific product features that they are looking for to find the right application. Users can choose whether it is an indoor/outdoor component, single or three-phase, main (e.g., circuit breaker or generator panels), and more to narrow down their searches. 


Build a Better Control Cabinet Digital Hub

Other information available for engineers on the Build a Better Control Cabinet digital hub includes a technical guide on how to facilitate UL compliant approval of control panels, sensor selection, and machine control solutions. 

"The Allied Build a Better Control Cabinet digital hub provides customers with a one-stop-shop where they can identify and procure nearly all of the components they might need for their industrial control panels and ensure that they receive the high level of quality service they've come to expect from both our companies", said Fabrice Meunier, Vice President of global strategic accounts at Schneider Electric in a recent news release. 

The partnership between Allied and Schneider generates the online repository for engineers, so they are able to save time, build, maintain, and update their machinery and technology. Industrial control panel builders are continually looking at any number of digital and analog control panel components.

They also need them to work seamlessly together, which can be quite nerve-wracking when ordering parts online. With Allied and Schneider's online resources, engineers can have the information they need.