ASRock Industrial IoT Controller Sees Upgrades for Greater Power and Performance

March 08, 2023 by Shawn Dietrich

ASRock Industrial has introduced a new addition to their IoT controllers. The iEP-5010G is packed with communication and input/outputs for modern IoT controller solutions.

ASRock Computers is well known around the world for its computer components product line. The industrial division of ASRock is separated into its own independent company, producing computers and components for the industrial market.

ASRock Industrial has a wide selection of industrial and embedded motherboards, industrial computer systems, edge IoT platforms, and network appliances. Just recently, ASRock Industrial announced the release of its iEP-5010G industrial IoT controller. This series promises upgrades from its existing controller, the iEP-5000G series.

ASRock Industrial's iEP-5010G Series industrial IoT controller

ASRock Industrial’s iEP-5010G Series industrial IoT controller. Image used courtesy of ASRock Industrial


What Is an IoT Controller?

With many companies today making the jump into cloud data storage and cloud computing, there is a need for computers to collect and push data to a cloud service. Most standard industrial PCs do not have inputs and outputs or the fieldbus capabilities to fulfill this task. An IoT controller, however, typically has discrete inputs and outputs and can support a few different industrial protocols. This way, data can easily be collected from automation equipment and pushed up to a cloud service using standard protocols or installed applications. These controllers will usually make use of standard PC processors and other PC components and will be designed to be installed inside the electrical cabinet. Most industrial IoT controllers are fanless and require no additional cooling. 


iEP-5010G IoT Controller

ASRock Industrial's iEP-5010G IoT controller comes in three variants: basic, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and 5LAN. All three models make use of the Intel Atom x6000E processor, which supports up to 32 GB of DDR 4 memory. 


Inputs and Outputs

The iEP-5010G has four digital inputs, four digital outputs, and two USB 3.2 and 1 USB 2.0. The iEP-5010G IoT controller also has three RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial ports, which have long since been removed from computers since Ethernet protocols became popular.


Networking and Communication

As for networking and communication, the basic model supports WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and 5G, along with one 2.5G Ethernet port and two 1G Ethernet ports. The PoE model supports all of the same communication hardware with the addition of two IEE802.3AF PoE ports. The 5LAN model supports WiFi, Bluetooth, one 2.5G Ethernet, two 1G Ethernet, and two intel i210-AT, which support TCC and TSN for real-time computing applications. All three models also support M2M protocols, remote management firmware, software, and over-the-air updates. 


Supported Environments

Electrical cabinets and industrial hardware are not always installed in the most comfortable environments. ASRock Industrial has kept that in mind when designing the iEP-5010G, which is capable of -40°C to 70°C and has a high shock or vibration resistance. Depending on the model, the controller will support a supply voltage of either 6-36 VDC or 19-36 VDC. Mounting options include DIN rail or wall mount. 


IoT controllers typically have all of the features of a basic industrial PC but with added features like digital input, outputs, and advanced Ethernet connectivity. Image used courtesy of Canva


Choosing an IoT Controller

Gathering data from automation equipment is always a challenge and requires expensive IT equipment. Today, we have industrial computers that are quite powerful and capable of collecting and storing data from equipment. If your task requires an industrial PC, you might want to instead look at an IoT controller. They typically have all of the features of a basic industrial PC but with added features like digital input and outputs or advanced Ethernet connectivity. The IEP-5010G series IoT offers all this, and much more, within a small package that can be installed in your electrical panel.