Autonics Releases New 30-Channel Counters and Temperature Controllers

October 13, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Autonics has released two new control and automation staples: a compact multi-channel counter to monitor tool use and a versatile line of modular PID temperature controllers.

Korean automation supplier Autonics recently announced the addition of two control and automation staples to its lineup. Autonics manufactures a wide range of technologies, and the two latest members of the catalog, the CM6M series counter and the TM series modular multi-channel PID temperature controller, are ready for commercial duty worldwide.


Accurate and Reliable CM6M Series Counters

Autonics’ new CM6M 30-channel counter is designed specifically to count tool use repetitions across multiple machining processes. The simple data output provides an important metric in predicting tool life, as well as information that helps operators understand and prevent tool failure. 


CM6M Series Channel Counters offer a space-saving, compact device for counting tool use accurately.

CM6M series counters offer a space-saving, compact device for accurately counting tool use events. Image used courtesy of Autonics


According to Autonics, the CM6M series counters are optimized for commercial applications on most machine tools. The device is capable of counting tool use on up to 30 individual channels, as well as sending individual outputs for each channel.

Autonics' devices have been right-sized to fit applications where installation real estate is at a premium. With the device’s small 64.5 mm depth, it can be installed in tight spaces. The CM6M is capable of 20 counts per second to keep up with the fastest machining processes. Audible alerts are available as well and rely on pre-set trigger levels to activate either transistor or relay outputs when user-defined limits are reached. 


Multi-Channel PID Temperature Controllers Ready for Duty

Autonics’ TM series of modular multi-channel PID temperature controllers are engineered to control multiple individual temperature zones. For example, Autonics’ TM4 controller has four channels, while the TM2 unit has two channels. Whether two or four, the devices can control each channel simultaneously with a high-speed feedback loop to ensure reliable and accurate output functionality. 


Autonics' TM Series Multi-Channel PID Temperature Controllerss offer precise thermal control. 

Autonics' TM series multi-channel PID temperature controllers offer precise thermal control. Image used courtesy of Autonics


Autonics’ DAQMaster software provides access to status monitoring and parameter configuration. Individual units can be linked to create larger temperature control systems, with a total of 31 units rated to be linked simultaneously. This means TM2 units can link up to 62 individual PID channels, while TM4 units up to 124 channels, all without additional power or communication wiring. 

The TM series offers practical and proven means of controlling the temperature of furnaces and similar systems. With its high-speed sampling cycle time of less than 100 ms (and only 50 ms for the TM2 model), the Autonics TM series PID temperature controllers offer system engineers and machine designers accurate control of temperature in a robust and compact package.