AVEVA Launches Industrial Data Hub to Better Manage Operational Data

November 09, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

What is the new AVEVA Data Hub and how does it aim to manage big data operations?

AVEVA is a global company that provides industrial software. Their software aims to help industries work more efficiently. They offer three key software packages, including an Engineering, Operations, and Performance package. Each package provides the software tools required to perform that discipline efficiently. 

Just like Microsoft has the Office suite with multiple programs that any typical office would require, AVEVA has industrial data management and monitoring software suites that any typical manufacturing or engineering company would require.


Cloud Monitoring and PI System

AVEVA ‘s new Data Hub platform will take most of its services online to a cloud-based data management and monitoring system. Having these services online and cloud-based provides plant managers and technicians with a single location for all the data capturing and displaying needs.

One of their platforms moving over to the Data Hub is AVEVA’s PI System. The PI System monitors many aspects of a manufacturing process and can automate scheduling tasks and predictive maintenance tasks all from one source. 


A diagram showing the platforms that AVEVA's data hub is capable of working with. Image used courtesy of AVEVA


The platform collects all of this data in one location and displays it for a user to evaluate and make decisions. Adding the PI System to the Data Hub may ensure anybody who needs to review data or create actions will be able to from anywhere in the world. 


Cloud-Based From Design

Cloud-based software often eliminates installing the same software on multiple computers, losing install files, or even managing software licenses. 

AVEVA’s Data Hub is a SaaS software, so once configured, anybody with a web browser and the proper credentials can access the data or software. Any updates to the configured products will be handled by AVEVA, which will eliminate out-of-date software on remote systems. 


The new data hub aims to help engineers manage their operational data. Image used courtesy of AVEVA


The Data Hub has been designed to function as a cloud-based industrial operations software from the beginning. Some software is only made available with cloud-based options, or some features will have access to cloud storage. The Data Hub is designed from the ground up to house AVEVA’s industrial operations software and handle the demanding needs of operations data.


Important Tool for Managing Data

One of the biggest challenges for process and manufacturing engineers is managing data collected from the manufacturing floor. Oftentimes there is data stored in multiple locations or operators not collecting data properly. 

These issues can be easily solved with proper data handling procedures and software. Once the data is securely collected, it needs to be displayed and accessed for people in different roles within the company. 

A CEO may not need to know how much raw product was received yesterday, but the CEO will want to know how efficient his plant is running. From a controls engineer’s point of view, being able to configure and program one cloud-based software that every discipline can view and manipulate the data they need will save not only time but money.  

AVEVA hopes this new data hub will combat some of these common pain points that engineers face on the manufacturing floor.