Balluff Releases Industrial System with BVS Cockpit and Controller

December 22, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Automation electronics manufacturer, Balluff, adds the GigE and USB3, two new industrial cameras to their portfolio.

The devices capture images from fast image transmission and belong to the machine vision portfolio from Matrix Vision, a brand of Balluff. The cameras have been developed to increase industrial inspection quality while also reducing the cost of installation.


Designed for Harsh Industrial Environments

The new cameras from Balluff are smaller than the company’s smart cameras.

When used in conjunction with Balluff Smart Vision Controller, the cameras capture images and deliver inspection results with faster processing and higher resolution than smart cameras. The GigE versions provide image quality results even in harsh industrial environments, due to IP67-rated housing combined with several IP67 shock and vibration resistant lenses.


The USB3 and GigE cameras. Image courtesy of Balluff.


Both models also come with an industrialized M12 connector, which is more robust than typical RJ-45 connectors. Due to their resilience, these industrial cameras are particularly useful in the automotive and packaging food and beverage industries. 

Balluff specified the cameras also work for inspection operations in various other industries, including steel and aluminum production, energy, semiconductor, and more.


Ample Connectivity Options

The new cameras’ image transmission is via a gigabit Ethernet interface, which allows for transmission distances of up to 100 meters using standard Cat 5 cable without the need for an amplifier. 



Both models feature four digital inputs and four digital outputs and standardized TCP IP/UDP or Profinet process interfaces.

The USB3 version provides 5 Gbps of bandwidth, compared to the GigE’s 1 Gbps, and understandably features a USB connector, together with two digital inputs and four digital outputs. It is also contained in an IP30-rated housing. Both versions are available in color or monochrome options, with four image resolution options available: 1.6, 3.2, 5.1, and 12.4 megapixels. 


The USB3 and GigE cameras. Image courtesy of Balluff.


The cameras’ focal lengths range from five to 50 millimeters, making them versatile to meet different requirements. Their compact form factor makes installation possible in tight spaces, but every image shows the complete picture thanks to a global shutter.


BVS Cockpit System

For use with the BVS Cockpit system, the new cameras require a SmartVison Controller with integrated software. Multiple cameras can connect at the same time for various inspections and simultaneous individual inspections from different angles.

This increases the overall quality of the inspection by checking for different items and processing their results simultaneously using the industrial controller.


Balluff cockpit interface. Image courtesy of Balluff.


According to the company, the cockpit software does not require any prior knowledge to configure the cameras to meet specific application needs. 

The cameras also pair with any third-party vision software using the GenICam programming standard.