Baumer Utilizes PoE Functionality with New Multi-Tool Profile Sensors

December 21, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Recently, Baumer introduced its latest range of profile sensors with power over Ethernet (PoE).

The OXM200 Range

Baumer recently released two new profile sensors, the OXM200-R05A and the OXM200-R10A. Profile sensors read the surface profile (i.e., the heightmap) and deploy a laser that scans along a defined length.

The OXM200 reads profiles in the XZ axis (i.e., can read the object's length and its surface profile). The new sensors utilize a laser beam projected onto the target surface and then read back to record the profile.

This design integrates all parts of the measurement system into a single device without additional hardware.

The laser used on the OXM200 is a class 2 660nm red at 4.5mW, meaning that the laser is visible during operation. The laser beam size is 125mm when used at the reference distance and has a width of 400um.



Baumer's New Profile Sensor Features 

Complex procedures can be required for calibration, positioning, and configuration when installing these sensors. The OXM200 range is preconfigured and calibrated to be used out-of-the-box.

The OXM200 range has an in-built web server, so they don't need an external controller. They work in conjunction with typical industrial systems such as PLCs.

The same inbuilt web server also provides visualization of data and a web interface compatible with commonly used browsers. 


The OXM200 range of sensors. Image courtesy of Baumer


Connecting to the OXM200 range is done via ethernet utilizing an M12 connector. This provides EMI shielding and power-over-ethernet, meaning the OXM200 is powered directly via a network connection. The ethernet connection supports various protocols, including Profinet, Modbus, OPC UA, UDP, and IO-Link.

The two different sensors have different measurement ranges as well. The OXM200-R05 has a measurement range of 50mm, while the OXM200-R10 has a measurement range of 100mm.

The R05 has a working range of 100mm to 150mm, while the R10 has a working range of 150mm to 250mm. The resolution of the R05 varies between 8um to 15um, while the R10 has a resolution of 12um to 18um, and both sensors provide 600 profile pixel points.

Both sensors have an operating temperature range of 0°C to +45°C, a protection class of IP65, and can withstand ambient light immunity of up to 25kLux. This is important as ambient light can affect the operation of profile sensors.


Sensors Designed for Automation and Control 

These sensors are used in automation environments and industrial control processes. For example, conveyor systems utilize sensors to check the surface quality of the produced items. They can then use it to reject those that don't meet the required specifications.

The sensors can also be used in robotics for collision detection; their fast speed of operation allows for quick responses to detected obstacles.


The multi-tool profile sensors. Image courtesy of Baumer


The use of profile sensors can also be applied for robotic precision positionings such as those found in robotic arms, pick-and-place, and machinery. 

The sensors can work with a guide plate with a specific pattern so that an actuator can determine its distance to that plate. With the sub-mm precision offered by the OXM200 range, this can provide reliable positioning for intricate tasks.

Baumer OXM200 sensors can also function in surface profiling applications needing to ensure that a surface is free from irregularities and imperfections.