Beijer Electronics Introduces a New Web-based SCADA and HMI Tool to Expand Product Network

December 28, 2021 by Seth Price

Beijer Electronics announced a partnership to expand Smart HMI’s WebIQ platform to be marketed, sold, and distributed through Beijer Electronics networks.

WebIQ, developed by Smart HMI, is a platform for developing human-machine interfaces (HMIs), dashboards, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications, and control panels for operators to use in a production facility. 


Industrial Use of Dashboards

They typically have emergency stop buttons, numeric and graphical displays for relevant quantities, status message windows, and so on. These dashboards must be integrated with the instrumentation and control hardware on the factory floor. 

They can be mounted directly on the processing equipment or configured to display in a control room, laptop, or mobile device.



An operator uses an HMI mounted on a piece of processing equipment. Image used courtesy of Beijer Electronics 


Dashboards are a way for engineers to organize the relevant data, displays, and controls for operators to use without being overwhelmed with data. 

The dashboards can be customized for levels of access, meaning only operators who are properly trained will receive specific controls. They can also be customized, so that essential process parameters are hidden from view, and a graphic or set of pseudo-parameters are displayed. 

For example, the flow rate of a chemical may be set between 32 gal/min and 52 gal/min, but the display may show a slider from “low” to “high” to protect trade secrets.



The WebIQ platform aims to make creating HMIs and dashboards easier for engineers. Instead of learning and sorting through lines of code, WebIQ has several pre-made drag and drop widgets designed to meet most customers’ needs. Alarms, data collection, user access, and other commonly-used items are already available, with no coding required.

The interface itself is web-based, meaning it can be created and configured from any computer that has internet access. It is the first 100% web-based HMI development tool. 

As such, the web-based dashboards are accessible by computer or mobile device, meaning a plant engineer can quickly check up on a process while on their lunch break or waiting in line at the grocery store.


WebIQ allows for mobile device dashboards and data to be viewed on the go. Image used courtesy of Beijer Electronics


The Partnership

Beijer Electronics has over 40 years of experience in digitization and automation solutions. They have a network of clients and deployed systems worldwide in manufacturing, marine, energy, and other industries. Due to their large automation footprint, they were the first to partner with Smart HMI.

In a recent press release, Egbert Gunia, founder and shareholder of Smart HMI said, “With Beijer Electronics, we have found the right partner who shares the same ambition and brings people and technology together, as well as a great opportunity to present WebIQ to more customers on a global scale.” 

“The WebIQ software platform from Smart HMI complements us well through their product range and enables our customers to create HTML5 based web HMIs, SCADA applications, web and dashboard apps,” Magnus Buhre added Head of Product Management - Solutions Engineering.

Beijer Electronics is hopeful that this partnership will help them expand their network and the resources available to engineers.