Climate FieldView Links Ag Users to VariMax’s Irrigation Solutions

May 12, 2022 by Stephanie Leonida

Climate FieldView recently made an agreement with VariMax Systems to provide agriculture customers with VariMax’s N-CHECK and WATER-CHECK nitrogen and irrigation management tools.

Climate FieldView is a provider of weather coverage services for agriculture and any other industry sectors affected by the weather. The company utilizes agronomic modeling, hyper-local weather monitoring, and high-resolution weather simulations to pool and provide an overview of data for farmers. This allows for insights to be made concerning factors that may limit crop yields and for progress to be tracked as farmers traverse their land. On April 26, 2022, an announcement was made by the agriculture technology company, VariMax Systems, concerning a new agreement with Climate FieldView. The agreement focuses on the provision of new tools to farmers that wish to take control of their operations by implementing real-time, data-driven nitrogen and water management for their crops.


Satellite field image

VariMax uses satellite imaging to gather information concerning the nitrogen and water usage of crops to ascertain when these resources need to be provided and how much. Image used courtesy of VariMax


Using Satellite Imagery for Nitrogen and Water Management

Satellite imaging is a powerful tool for the agricultural industry. It can help farmers to increase their crop yields and make more efficient irrigation systems.

Agriculture is one of the most demanding industries in terms of water consumption. Irrigation consumes about 70% of all freshwater worldwide, making it a major contributor to global warming as well as other environmental issues like water scarcity and pollution. To tackle these problems, companies and institutions are using satellite imagery to create more efficient irrigation systems that use less water while still producing the same amount of crops. The nitrogen content of crops can also be monitored and assessed to define how much nitrogen needs to be added.


VariMax uses satellite imaging as a part of its software offerings to monitor the status of crops throughout their growing cycle. The company’s fully automated N-CHECK system allows farmers to collect nitrogen data from crops within a specified area and review the recommended nitrogen and yield potential, with the result of applying the recommended amount using a variable or flat rate prescription in order to optimize yields.

Using N-CHECK, farmers can access real-time variable and average flat-rate nitrogen prescriptions within minutes. Information concerning nitrogen use crop growth rate can be updated and maintained. A digital variable rate map can be created and uploaded directly to a tractor’s built-in control system, and a paper version can be produced for records and review, if required.


Climate FieldView

Climate FieldView allows data monitoring in real-time, from initial seeding to final crop yield. Image used courtesy of Climate FieldView


VariMax’s WATER-CHECK irrigation management tool allows farmers to keep on top of the water needs of each of their fields. The solution is designed to work with both ET (evapotranspirative, or the loss of water into the atmosphere) modeling and moisture probes, define unique water holding capacities for each soil type, provide recommendations in inches of water, and capture data to track plant available water, water use efficiency, crop growth, and more. According to VariMax, on average, the WATER-CHECK solution reduces the over-application of water by 20%.

In a recent news release, the Founder and CEO of VariMax, Shane Ohlde, commented, "We are excited about making our N-CHECK and WATER-CHECK tools available to Climate FieldView customers.” Ohlde added, “Climate FieldView’s interest in offering farmers and their agronomic partners easy access to VariMax real-time nitrogen and irrigation solutions is a huge win for their customer base. This exciting new opportunity allows farmers to have a winning strategy in a challenging marketplace through the platform of data management solutions."

For VariMax and Climate FieldView, the N-CHECK and WATER-CHECK agricultural management solutions are a means of optimizing yields for farmers, while using nitrogen and water resources more sustainably. More efficient resource use can also benefit farmers economically and safeguard the environment.