News is Headed to ATX West 2023 - Meet Us There

January 12, 2023 by David Peterson

The Automation Technology Expo (ATX) West, hosted by IMEngineering West, is happening in Anaheim, CA, on Feb 7-9. is excited to attend and share news about products, stories, and innovations from the front lines!

300,000 square feet of show floor space, loaded with the most cutting-edge tech from the fields of automation, medical, plastics, and packaging can all be expected at from IME West 2023. This technology trade show features five different events combined under one roof to reveal the most recent trends across a variety of manufacturing fields. is especially excited to feature the demonstration showcases of ATX West, the Automation Tech Expo portion of the event. If you plan to attend ATX, let us know—it would be great to meet you at the show!


Robotics - FANUC - Booth 4500

ATX West attendees can expect to see leading OEMs ready to learn about your industrial automation challenges.


Who To Expect at ATX (IME) West?

Most of the leading OEM brands will be on hand to learn about your challenges among the industries that deal with industrial automation. Here is just a short sample of who you can meet at the show:

  • Robotics - FANUC - Booth 4500
  • Collaborative Robots - Universal Robots - Booth 4511
  • Connectors and Cables - LUTZE, Inc - Booth 4444
  • Modular Industrial Controls - Beckhoff Automation - Booth 4220
  • Mobile Robotics - Bosch Rexroth - Booth 4201
  • Sensors - Balluff - Booth 4461
  • Tool/Workpiece Holding - SCHUNK - Booth 4315
  • Vision Systems - Cognex - Booth 4481


Who Should Attend ATX (IME) West?

This trade show is designed for nearly anyone in the field of industrial manufacturing, not just automation. Certainly, engineers will feel right at home, getting up close and personal with equipment that could someday be in your own control cabinets and factory floors. 

Managers and executives looking to the future to identify technology trends and forecasts are sure to see many exciting demonstrations that reveal new ways to increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing losses.

Teachers and students will learn insights about the application of technology outside of the classroom, developing new methods of incorporating real-world case studies and products into educational programs from high school to university level.


FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)/ teachers and students should attend ATX West 2023

Teachers and students attending ATX West can look forward to seeing technology being used outside of the classroom. Image used courtesy of IME West


What Other Shows Will be There?

ATX West isn’t the only show, although these days, automation is the name of the game for a great many industries. Examples of high-tech automation can be found mixed throughout each of the other events sharing the venue.


MD&M West

Medical devices and pharmaceutical innovations will be showcased at this section of the show floor. This kind of technology is used in applications from home and personal devices to hospitals and manufacturing facilities requiring strict attention to the medical needs of patients around the world.



The packaging industry relies highly on motors, motion, and automation to distribute and process all kinds of goods. You can expect to see demonstrations of every innovation from mobile logistical robotics to modern packaging material concepts and the printing/labeling devices to ensure a steady supply chain.


Other Shows at IME West 2023

Expect to see four other engineering trade shows at ATX West. Image used courtesy of IME West


Plastec West

Nearly every product in our lives is constructed from or designed on equipment that uses plastics and polymers. This event showcases the latest materials and manufacturing processes, including injection molding and rapid additive prototyping. Even engineers in logistics, automation, and medical industries rely heavily on plastic innovation.


D&M West

Design and manufacturing is a process that evolves from initial conceptualization through prototyping all the way to final manufacturing, with a great deal of effort spent on rapid 3D prototyping these days. Along the way, software is involved in every step, including CAD, PLM, and even testing applications. 


Attending ATX West? Let us Know!

ATX West is being held Feb 7-9 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. If you are attending as a business and would like to meet with us and discuss your company’s latest control technologies, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’d love to arrange a meeting.