Next Generation of Vacuum Grippers Include Communications Interface

April 23, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

COVAL has launched a new series of intelligent vacuum grippers capable of use in Industry 4.0-capable facilities, giving manufacturers more versatile gripping solutions.

COVAL, a manufacturer of high-performance vacuum components and systems worldwide, now offers its newest generation of vacuum grippers. The improved grippers see expanded capabilities with the addition of COVAL's latest CMS HD multistage vacuum pumps. 


COVAL's MVG vacuum gripper paired with a CMS HD pump. Image used courtesy of COVAL


COVAL Vacuum Grippers

COVAL's vacuum grippers consist of two solutions: the CVGL and the MVG. The CVG is characterized as a lightweight gripping solution that comes in standard sizes and is made to be adaptable and light. The CVG is available in different standard sizes, power ratings, and interfaces, depending on the application.

COVAL has expanded the capabilities and range of its gripping lineup with the addition of the CMS HD series multistage vacuum pumps. The CVGL and the MVG now utilize the latest CMS HD series of vacuum pumps, designed to be used in harsh environments and include an IP65 rating.

The CMS HD series of pumps are designed with longevity in mind and have a lifespan of at least 50 million cycles. In order to create such a long pump lifespan, COVAL made the pumps with a modular design that allows for specific configurations depending on the application. In addition, the pumps include replaceable parts in certain areas creating a high level of repairability and targeted maintenance capabilities.


CMS HD Vacuum Pump Configurations

The multistage pumps can be ordered in one of three configurations: non-piloted, piloted, and communicating. The communicating version of the pump is used in conjunction with the CMS HD VX version of the multistage pump. It gives users a better ability to parameterize to specific needs.

The VX pump version comes with I-O link capabilities for a communication interface hook-up and can be used with an HMI or an NFC interface.The I-O link complies with the international IEC 61131-9 standard, making it usable in many situations. This gives it a cost-effective platform to install for a higher communication standard with EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and other protocols.

Operators can monitor and configure using the COVAL Vacuum Manager app via their Android or Apple mobile device.


The CVGL vacuum gripper being monitored with the COVAL Vacuum Manager app via a mobile device. Image used courtesy of COVAL


Vast Gripping Solutions

The new generation of grippers is fully configurable and capable of being specifically tailored to each application. The length, width, gripping interface, and vacuum generator are all customizable, ensuring superior flexibility for end users. The grippers offer a wide range of applications and uses:

  • packaging
  • plastic
  • metal
  • wood
  • porous and non-porous objects


Intelligent Vacuum Grippers

With the incorporation of the CMS HD series of pumps, COVAL has given its new generation of vacuum grippers the ability to integrate into Industry 4.0 applications for improved performance and monitoring. With the combination of vacuum gripping technology and industry 4.0 capabilities, COVAL hopes to give end users an easily integrated smart gripping solution.