Eaton Releases InfiniTrac Electronic Limited-Slip Differential For Optimized Vehicle Performance

August 23, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Eaton introduces an electronically controlled, scalable limited-slip differential that functions across multiple vehicle platforms to enhance performance and ensure driver safety. 

Recently, Eaton released a new product that optimizes vehicle performance at any transaction condition or speed. InfiniTrac is an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated, variable-bias limited-slip differential. 


InfiniTrac Solution

The InfiniTrac differential is an innovative turn-key solution that can be used in multiple axels across a product line. The solution can be used for a variety of vehicles, from performance cars to trucks, and does not require a specific electronic control unit.

The component is able to utilize a given vehicle's existing electronic control unit, which in turn reduces cost. The differential functions across all vehicle speeds and features scalability across all vehicle platforms. 


Eaton's InfiniTrac smart electronic slip differential. Image courtesy of Eaton.


Another feature of Eaton's new differential includes compatibility with active chassis systems such as stability control and anti-lock braking systems. The differential is customizable for desired applications with models available for front and rear axels.

InfiniTrac can be flexibly packaged in both rear suspension axels and beam axles without a special carrier. This not only reduces cost but design complexity as well.


Vehicle Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Other Sensors

Other key features of InfiniTrack include integration with the vehicle engine control unit (ECU) and sensors, and the ability to be easily calibrated for specific vehicles or for desired performance outcome.

The new differential also has a low power draw (1 Amp pulse-width modulation interface) and can be tuned with no limitation to variable torque distribution. InfiniTrac functions as an open differential as default and delivers the required amount of torque to suit different speeds and changing conditions. 


A schematic of the InfiniTrac control system. Image courtesy of Eaton.


"InfiniTrac provides superior vehicle cross-country mobility and improved control for overall driver confidence," said Brent Pawlak, business unit director, Torque Controls, Eaton's Vehicle Group in a recent news release. "It is a cost-effective solution that allows automakers to provide their customers with the performance they crave and the handling confidence they demand in their vehicles", Pawlak added. 


Limited Slip-Function and Hydraulic Capabilities

The combination of a smart speed sensing electronic limited-slip differential and the integration with vehicle ECU and sensors enables drivers to customize and optimize their driving experience.

They can select a mode (auto, sport, snow, sand, mud, or low 4) for specific terrain. InfiniTrac provides limited-slip function up to full axel lock, robust, seamless hydraulic activation, and requires no input from the driver.

The component can anticipate and adapt to different off-road surfaces through a driver-selectable switch. Drivers can feel much more safe and confident on the road. 

Eaton's InfiniTrac is a scalable solution for vehicle manufacturers worldwide.