Emerson Awarded 2021 IoT Breakthrough Award for ‘Analytics Platform of the Year’

February 03, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

The product that caught IoT Breakthrough’s attention was Plantweb Optics, a comprehensive plant and manufacturing analytics software system.

IoT Breakthrough recently announced this year’s Breakthrough Award recipients, and Emerson was included under Enterprise IoT for Analytics Platform of the Year for 2021.


IoT Breakthrough Awards

IoT Breakthrough is a member of the Tech Breakthrough organization. The organization specializes in market intelligence and aims to recognize companies in their innovative technology efforts. 


Emerson’s Plantweb Optics was recognized as a breakthrough industrial data analytics platform by IoT Breakthrough. Image courtesy of Emerson.


They recently recognized 100 award winners over ten categories chosen from 3,850 submissions. Categories include Connected Home, Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, IoT Component, Industrial, M2M, IoT Partner & Ecosystem, Connected Car, Health & Wellness, and Industry Leadership. Those competing for an award must have a product that has either been produced or updated within the last three years.

Under the category Enterprise IoT, Emerson won the Breakthrough Analytics Platform of the Year for their Plantweb Optics Analytics software. This specific category was introduced last year, and the previous winner was Knowi in 2020.

Other Enterprise IoT winners this year include industry leaders such as Lenovo, Schneider, and Cubic Telecom.


Emerson Plantweb Optics

Plantweb Optics is a data analytics software that transforms real-time operational, manufacturing, and plant performance data into actionable knowledge.

It brings together key aspects of successful IIoT and includes the following tools:

  • Embedded tools for data visualization
  • Machine learning to predict equipment failures
  • Pattern recognition to detect repeated patterns in the data
  • Data exploration tools for sampling, cleaning, smoothing, and more
  • Time series transformation to analyze data for correlations, trends, and seasons
  • Automated workflow to build and automate processes comprised steps such as data analysis, learning, clustering, and modeling
  • Sensor validation for flagging faulty sensors and ensuring the values are validated

In addition, Emerson added social density management and contact tracing capabilities to Plantweb in 2020 to help managers better follow health guidelines relating to the Covid-19 outbreak and beyond.


Plantweb Optics AR

Plantweb Optics also has an AR tool that overlays key digital information on a user’s view of the physical world. The goal is to increase insight into processes and equipment, support higher productivity levels, and enhance safety.

It can play a role in operations, maintenance, and repairs by providing works with the steps and data they need to complete complex tasks safely. 


Plantweb Optics AR can assist with maintenance and repairs and navigating the plant to find the equipment that needs to be serviced. Image courtesy Emerson.


Plantweb Optics AR also supports live remote assistance, with voice and video calls and online chat. Collaboration tools such as this can reduce downtime and travel costs while providing an added layer of safety during pandemics.

Plantweb is a mix of statistical analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition, augmented reality. It is more combined to minimize downtime, render processes, and inform critical decisions.