Emerson Improves User Operations with Next-Generation Machine Visualization Solutions

September 09, 2022 by Gunner Scott

Emerson's new visual interface solution, PACSystems RXi HMI, is an out-of-the box system ready for IIoT operation to help machine builders and operators overcome the limitations of lower budgets, fewer people, and higher productivity demands.

Emerson's new visual interface solution, PACSystems RXi HMI, moves towards industry 4.0. By quickly helping machine builders and operators overcome the limitations of lower budgets, fewer people, and higher productivity demands, Emerson's highly intuitive HMI addresses the needs of today's industrial workforce with easy-to-use, smartphone-like graphical displays, without sacrificing rugged industrial performance.


Emerson's PACSystems RXi HMI

The user-friendly PACSystems RXi HMI from Emerson. Image used courtesy of Emerson


Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

HMI is the connection between a user and a machine. They can come in many forms and are traditionally keyboards, control panels, and, more recently, touchscreens. Machine operators require quickly accessible data to make business-critical decisions in an industrial environment. Emerson's HMIs, a combination of modular touchscreen devices and screens, focus on providing easy-to-use designs commonly found in consumer-grade products while incorporating any performance requirements for challenging settings. Products can range from customizable, industrial interfaces, to more straightforward browse-only panels.


Human Machine Interface (HMI) from Emerson

Typical HMI for industrial machinery. Image used courtesy of Emerson


Emerson’s PACSystems RXi HMI

With Movicon WebHMI software, the PACSystems RXi HMI is an out-of-the-box system ready for IIoT operation, reducing downtime and installation time. The PACSystems RXi HMI offers immediate collaboration, allowing operators and maintenance teams to simultaneously access information and screen data, significantly improving productivity. Customers value faster access to data-based operational insights, including analysis, troubleshooting, and diagnostics, to maximize overall equipment effectiveness.

Designing equipment with rugged environments in mind, Emerson designed the PACSystems RXi HMI with a protective capacitive touchscreen, maintaining a 10-point multitouch visual display capable of all standard inputs, including swipe, pinch, and zoom. The system protects against wet environments, high-pressure water jets, marine environments, and temperatures from -20 to 65 ℃. Emerson also ensured their design follows Global Automation Cybersecurity Standards for chemical resistance, impacts, and dust.


Emerson's PACSystems RXi HMI with Movicon WebHMI software

Emerson's latest HMI further drives industrial effectivess. Image used courtesy of Emerson


Industrial Effectiveness 

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Emerson, a global technology and software company, strives to provide next-generation solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Emerson focuses on helping optimize operations, protect personnel, reduce emissions, and achieve sustainability through its Automation Solutions and AspenTech businesses. 

Emerson views their customer relationships as long-term collaborators and no longer 'one and done' buyers. Collaboration between Emerson and its customers fosters an environment where solutions to complex problems are internalized into the PACSystems RXi HMI design.

Emerson's latest HMI offers significant customer value through cost, speed, and business analytics. The next generation of industrial manufacturers, warehousers, and transporters will be characterized by the effectiveness of interaction between humans and their machine counterparts. Customers will experience higher levels of effective communication, reduced installation and maintenance time, and more robust IIoT capabilities, further driving industrial effectiveness.