Emerson Introduces SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity Analytics Solution

December 16, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Emerson provides engineers with SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity to help with decision making, analysis of production potential, and risk analysis.

Emerson Electric Co. provides technologies and solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential markets. The company’s  Exploration & Production (E&P) Software business is comprised of Paradigm and Roxar solutions. 

It is a generator of software-enabled solutions for the oil and gas industry. Emerson E&P aims to help oil and gas operators to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and keep return on investments favorable. 

Recently, Emerson announced the release of SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity (SRO). This automated, cloud-based analytics solution developed in collaboration with Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI) for geoscientists and engineers. 


SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity

SRO is licensed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that brings together data mining techniques and advanced computational algorithms for complex multidisciplinary data analysis. 

SRO combines reservoir models with the production and completion of information. This generates automatic suggestions and rankings for recompletion, infill, or sidetrack opportunities in producing reservoirs. 



Emerson hopes geoscientists and engineers can utilize this solution to save time by automating workflows, managing projects effectively, identifying actionable field development opportunities, and achieving faster decision-making. 

Access to cross-functional workflows can enhance collaboration between teams and enable identifying opportunity criteria for more robust field development planning. 

SRO uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to help hone in on opportunity identification. Automating workflows using SRO can provide time savings of over 90%, giving asset teams time to run more scenarios and vet opportunities. 


Interactive and Automated Workflows

Emerson’s SRO can cut down workloads from months and even years to weeks. The provision of automated geo-engineering workflows enables identification of and ability to rank recompletion, horizontal wells, and vertical sweet spots. The SRO can perform workflows, including remaining pay interpretation, optimal target search, interference analysis, and uncertainty quantification. 

The SRO also offers a flexible framework for users who wish to customize settings to suit any field/reservoir specificities. 

Users can adapt unique field/reservoir features such as extensive baffle layers, depositional environment, vertical communication, fracture prevalence, and reservoir compartmentalization.


Speedwise Reservoir Opportunity applies advanced algorithms, data mining, and workflow automation. Image courtesy of Emerson


A secure cloud-based environment provides users with the opportunity to collaborate and disseminate datasets as a team. Multidisciplinary datasets can be created and updated, files can be uploaded, and data can be validated automatically. SRO supports Energistics RESQML for wells and reservoir models. Users can manage their cases and projects, analyze them, and make different versions of them if they need to. 


Emerson's SRO Dashboard

SRO is designed to enable efficient workflows to run by intelligently picking the best settings. An interactive result dashboard provides an area where ranked opportunities can be viewed, analyzed, and validated. 

The dashboard provides an overview of identified opportunities and their location and distribution by product zone and opportunity ranking. If users want more detail, they can review options in detail, well-by-well, and zone-by-zone. 

Users can also access an in-depth summary table of all opportunities with entered and inferred ranking criteria. To use SRO, you can go online and access it through a subscription.