News Will be Attending Automate 2022

June 05, 2022 by David Peterson

The reappearance of the Automate show in Detroit is an opportunity to witness some of the most innovative, exciting technology displays from manufacturers around the globe. If you see us, stop and say hello!

Trade shows are one of the best places to see a live demonstration of technology from various manufacturers that can present creative solutions for all sorts of manufacturing challenges. The largest automation trade show in North America is Automate, hosted by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3).

This year’s event is coming up quickly - June 6-9 2022 in Detroit, MI. The Motor City is the origin point of many historic landmarks in the automotive industry. This industry is also responsible for innovations in all aspects of control systems and robotics, and we owe many of today’s technologies to automotive advancements in the 20th century and beyond.


Automate Show

Automate 2022 promises to be an exciting show, packed with demonstrations of the latest technology. Image used courtesy of Automate (A3) at Automate

I am excited to attend Automate, and have arranged a long lineup of particular booths that I will be able to visit and share information about exciting new products. The information from these exhibitors, and many, many more will be published in the days and weeks following Automate. Be sure to visit regularly and stay tuned for updates that may provide serious improvement opportunities for your own operations.

Emerson Booth #1645

Emerson is a leader in the field of automation, offering products from control system devices to field I/O and sensors. Recently, Emerson announced new additions to the modular AVENTICS series, combining I/O, electric actuators, pressure regulators, and now pneumatic valve banks all into one bus coupling system compatible with several networking protocols. For systems that require a diverse, yet specific set of motion and fluid handling devices, this is a flexible solution.

Soft Robotics Booth #4013

Adding tools to the end of robotic systems is both science and art. Providing the mechanical dexterity to grip specialized parts, with the right amount of force, in a way that allows them to be both picked up and placed is a delicate balance. When combined with a desire for aesthetic attractiveness to set apart one device from another, we see some very creative solutions.


Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics will demonstrate food gripper systems at Automate 2022. Image used courtesy of Soft Robotics


Soft Robotics specializes in end-of-arm-tooling for food products. From sandwich assembly to tomato sorting, we are excited to see what sorts of demonstrations will be seen at Soft Robotics’ booth.

Universal Robots Booth #1432

UR is one of the leading makers of collaborative robots (cobots) in the field today. Although the company is known for its sleek robotic arms, the wide array of solutions compatible with these robots, created by various manufacturers, creates an appealing ecosystem for easy robot deployment. The booth even features a CNC tending solution from’s friends, VersaBuilt Robotics, who recently provided our engineers with an engaging tour.

Siemens Booth #2040

Although a global leader in many areas of technology, Siemens will be demonstrating advanced manufacturing capabilities with its SINUMERIK ONE digital platform for CNC control. In addition to this digital twinning software, Siemens will also showcase product lines for PLC control, distributed I/O, and motor drive technology in what is sure to be an exciting illustration of advanced technology!


Siemens Digital Industries

Siemens will demonstrate digital twinning technology at Automate 2022. Image used courtesy of Siemens


MiR Booth #1032

Although the pandemic brought many challenges, it also led to many opportunities for advancements, particularly in the field of logistics and warehousing. Supply chain shortages demanded more automation and more efficient operations, and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) responded with exciting updates in this world of autonomous mobile robotics (AMRs). The demonstration at Automate will allow guests to see these robots in action (and maybe even test-drive a robot).


We encourage you to visit the show, and if you manage to see us between our busy meeting schedule appointments, stop and say hello. If you won’t make it this year, stay tuned for our updates on the show, the newly released products, and information that might just give you some opportunities to launch into the second half of 2022 with some major strategies for success!