Emerson Opens $49 Million Global Headquarters for Welding and Assembly Innovations in Connecticut

January 19, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Emerson opens its new Branson welding and assembly technologies’ global headquarters in Brookfield, Connecticut to advance welding, joining, and cleaning solutions for manufacturing.

Emerson Electric Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of products and solutions tailored to automotive, commercial, and residential industries. 


Emerson’s New Facility

Recently, Emerson announced the opening of a brand-new innovation facility. This facility is the Branson Welding and Assembly Technologies’ global headquarters in Brookfield, Connecticut. 


Emerson’s new facility in Brookfield, Connecticut

Emerson’s new facility in Brookfield, Connecticut. Image courtesy of Emerson.


Emerson bought the 13-acre parcel for the new facility in Brookfield’s Berkshire Industrial Park, situated within two miles of Branson’s former Danbury headquarters.


Branson Ultrasonics

The opening of the Brookfield-based headquarters marks the start of further technological development for Emerson. Also, it represents the successful completion of the company’s $49 million investment that was announced in April 2019. 

Branson Ultrasonics is a subsidiary company of Emerson Electric that was purchased in 1984. The new facility shows Emerson’s support for Branson’s plastic joining, metal welding, and precision cleaning solutions. These solutions utilize ultrasonic energy to complete tasks with optimal results. 


Emerson’s Branson Ultrasonic Welder

One of Emerson’s Branson Ultrasonic Welders and its labeled components. Image courtesy of Emerson.


When considering ultrasonic welding of plastic, Branson’s automated solutions aim to provide a reliable, clean, and hermetic seal ideal for applications such as medical devices and packaging, or where a strong, high-quality seal is needed. 

Branson’s metal welding solutions are designed for the automotive, HVAC, and electronics industries. In addition to the medical and electronics industries, Branson supports aerospace, textile, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturers with its no-compromise ultrasonic cleaning solutions. 


Facility Capabilities and Customer Support

Emerson’s new facility aims to provide enhanced customer support and abundant resources to foster collaborative solutions for customer-facing challenges. The 146,000-square-foot facility will offer advanced additive manufacturing (AM) equipment for rapid-response prototyping and production tooling. 

It will also provide manufacturing space spanning 48,000 square feet. This space will be used for CNC milling machining centers, customer application runoffs, and equipment assembly. 

The facility space will be outfitted to accommodate collaborative workspaces to allow manufacturers and engineers to come together to spark ideas that could contribute toward customer solutions. To push forward research and development efforts, an engineering laboratory of 16,000-square-feet will be available. 

The facility is expected to be home to 220 professional staff, engineering, and production employees.

To support employee mental wellbeing and overall health, the new facility incorporates a user-center design methodology. In hopes of tailoring its facility to various customer needs, training classes, technical support services, and training workspace for seminars will also be available. 

President of Welding and Assembly Technologies for Emerson, Vernon Murray, provided his comments in a recent news release, “We are proud to support the Brookfield community and American manufacturing with this strategic investment.” 

With customers in mind, Murray hopes the Brookfield facility will continue driving innovation by offering a more collaborative work environment for engineers and manufacturing leaders.