Emerson’s Mobile Roadshow Goes Virtual for 2020 Still Showcasing Latest Technology

October 30, 2020 by Seth Price

Each year, Emerson launches a nine-month-long mobile roadshow for demonstrating their latest products. This year, the show is set to be virtual.

The event called the Mobile Resource of Innovation Emerson Solution and Technology, typically travels through multiple countries and provides information, solutions, and demonstrations to countless engineers.


Emerson’s Mobile Roadshow

In the past, manufacturing and engineering customers could schedule a visit from the Emerson Mobile Roadshow truck and get first-hand experience with Emerson products. The 2020 mobile roadshow will still occur, but with the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing requirements, engineers are encouraged to sign up for virtual access.


The mobile roadshow truck. Image courtesy of Emerson


While travel is restricted by government or company policy, and face-to-face activities are risky, the virtual access pass will allow engineers to view the demonstrations and instructional videos without leaving home.


Inside of the Mobile Road Show

The mobile roadshow features four sections, called Digital Transformations, Machine Safety, Fluid Technology, and Edge Technology/Motion Control.

Inside the truck are interactive devices, demonstrations, and videos that show customers how Emerson products can improve energy efficiency, pneumatic system performance, proportional control for positioning, and reduce the risk for employees that operate and maintain these systems.


Demonstration of some of the virtual systems that can be explored at the Emerson Mobile Roadshow.  Image courtesy of Emerson


The Digital Transformation section is all about data collection. Engineers cannot improve what they cannot measure, and this section is all about measurements. 

With big data, more informed decisions are possible. Data-driven decisions can be used for product monitoring, quality control purposes, or planning preventative and predictive maintenance. 

By performing preventive maintenance, the equipment can remain in working order. By performing predictive maintenance, parts can be ordered ahead of a failure and be ready to install during the next maintenance cycle, instead of during an unplanned outage. Machine Safety is geared towards keeping employees safe around fluid control systems. High-pressure fluid, be it in a pneumatic system or a hydraulic system, is responsible for quite a few injuries each year. 

Emerson systems have built-in modules for lowering pressure and venting operating lines safely in an emergency or during a maintenance procedure. Also built into these systems are multiple pressure sensors used for leak detection. These systems are demonstrated in the Emerson Mobile Roadshow truck.

With over 50,000 valves in their catalog, the Fluid Technology section demonstrates a few more popular valves. These valves have been used in many different industries, including refining, medical fields, water treatment, recycling, fire suppression, commercial kitchens, etc. 

Valves vary from relatively simple solenoid valves to explosion-proof, smart valves that can be opened or closed using proportional control. Some of these valves are showcased in the Emerson Mobile Roadshow truck.

The Edge Technology/Motion Control section demonstrates how Emerson products can combine feedback from sensors, software, and precise control systems into a full IIoT manufacturing environment, capable of adjusting for market demands and changing work conditions. 

The system controllers are built to be programmed easily and quickly and are built rugged enough for the challenges presented by the manufacturing floor.


Accessing Emerson’s Components

Engineers need to get a feel for the equipment they will recommend and install in their manufacturing facility. Instead of merely reading about hardware, buying it, and then wishing for additional features, the Emerson Mobile Roadshow gives them a chance to evaluate whether it will work in their particular environment properly. 

This allows the engineers to make more informed decisions about implementing these changes to an existing process or what to expect when adding a new process using this hardware.

To get virtual access to the Emerson Mobile Roadshow, register, and an Emerson expert will contact as soon as possible.


 The Emerson Mobile Roadshow begins on November 4, 2020.