FANUC Showcases Wide-ranging Line of Cobots at ATX West

February 12, 2020 by Maddie Bradshaw

This week at ATX West, FANUC showcased their new line of cobots through interactive demonstrations on the showroom floor. 

FANUC, a company that provides leading robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation, has been demonstrating its new line of cobots this week at ATX West.


New Line of Cobots Vary in Payload and Reach

FANUC offers a wide range of cobots with sensitive built-in sensors for a variety of different uses.

All of the cobots in the line are capable of handling products that have a payload capability of 4-35kg.

A list of some cobots on display this week listed below. 

  • CR-35iA: A floor-mounted robot with a payload of 35kg and 1,813mm reach.
  • CR-15iA: Up to a 15kg payload, and flexible with ceiling, floor, and angle mounting options. 
  • CRX-10iA: With up to 10kg payload and 1249 mm of reach.
  • CRX-10iA/L: Payload up to 10kh and 1418 mm reach.


Two of the new cobots featured by FANUC this week.

Two of the new cobots released by FANUC this week at ATX West. Image used courtesy of FANUC. 


Each of the cobots in this line is built for many unique and specific environments that engineers may need. These are just a few of the extensive line of cobots on display this week at ATX West. 


Cobots Built To Work Independently or With People 

While working with people, the cobots can save space on the factory floor by completing more strenuous and repetitive tasks, eliminating the need for pricey industrial equipment.

During the interactive display, the FANUC cobot, CR-35iA, passed out lanyards to attendees. 

Phil Zanotti, a Senior Robotic Applications Engineer at FANUC, discussed how these cobots alongside humans. If the cobot is working next to someone, the speed can be adjusted so it will stop if it interferes with the human. He also mentioned, "If you’re far away from it, it can operate at a fast, technically non-collaborative speed."

This can increase productivity when humans aren't needed in the space. 



New FANUC palletizing cobot CR-35iA. Image used courtesy of FANUC. 


These cobots can also work alongside people while still ensuring safety and productivity. Another cobot, the CR-7iA/L, offers a human-guided mode that allows the cobot to perform a variety of pre-programmed movements that are decided by attendees and users. 

ATX West attendees demonstrated more features by interrupting the cobot’s motion by gently patting on the cobot. 


Cobots Fully Integrated With Controller 

Zanotti also mentioned, "The machine vision on our robots is fully integrated with the controller." All of this processing is done on the controller, so using it is very plug-and-play. 

Additionally, any controller you buy has the hardware you need for the camera already built-in. All of the programming can be done right from the controller. 

“No matter what the product is, FANUC supports it through its life", mentioned Catherine Powell, PR and Community Manager for FANUC. 


How do you see these cobots changing the dynamics on the factory floor? If you are at ATX West, did you see any of these cobots in person?