Global Controls Incorporates Honeywell Technologies Into Heat Treatment Solutions

September 16, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Heating system company, Global Control, will incorporate Honeywell controllers and other components into its cutting-edge heat treatment solutions.

The incorporated solutions will include the ControlEdge HC900 controller and help improve asset performance and reduce their inventory and life cycle costs. The move intends to accelerate the OEM's widespread availability and increase its competitiveness in the industrial automation field.


Strengthening Heat Treatment Solutions

Global Control specializes in heating control systems, particularly composite furnaces in the aerospace field, autoclave systems, and vacuum furnaces. Founded in Singapore in 2006, the company operates from its China plant as Global Xin Zhong Huan Heating Equipment, serving customers in China and other south-east Asian regions.

Global Control's primary goal is to deliver competitive prices of equipment and services, while still meeting Singapore's quality standard. The company's solutions and equipment also meet the AMS2750E standard, meaning they are meant for heat treatment in the aerospace industries.


ControlEdge HC900: An Overview

The ControlEdge HC900 process automation controller adopted by Global Control is a control solution for different users' applications. These applications range from unit processing in pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-fuel, and pilot-plants to thermal control in boilers, furnaces, kilns, dryers, etc.


The ControlEdge HC900 controller and solutions. Image used courtesy of Honeywell.


Being TUV-certified, the ControlEdge HC900 safety systems are useful in critical applications requiring SIL2 like essential controls, emergency shutdown, and burner management systems, among others. The controller is also modular and features a selection of different CPU modules, multiple I/O rack sizes, and other local or remote I/O racks per system.

This feature allows the ControlEdge HC900 to adapt to specific user needs in various industrial scenarios. More than 2,000 ControlEdge HC900 systems are currently deployed globally for heat treatment applications.


A Beneficial Partnership

According to Nick Law, managing director at Global Control, the new partnership would result from a search for a more scalable platform.

"We decided that the best way to differentiate our products and reduce our inventory and lifecycle costs would be to standardize on an advanced, scalable automation platform," he explained.

The controller's integration with other Honeywell solutions such as the Experion HS SCADA control system and SmartLine transmitters will also enable Global Control to reduce inventory and expedite deliveries.


The SmartLine Pressure Transmitter. Image courtesy of Honeywell


"Through our industry-leading OEM Program, we're strengthening relationships with OEMs in segments such as heat treatment, and crucially, that's resulting in better products for end-users," commented Bharat Sharma, business leader at Modular Systems, Honeywell Process Solutions. 

"In the case of Global Control, it's a win-win for us, for them, and for their customers, who can leverage Honeywell expertise to help them improve asset and safety performance and reduce operational costs," he concluded.


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