Honeywell and Wolters Kluwer Team Up to Develop Connected Safety Software Solutions

October 15, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

A new partnership between Honeywell and Wolters Kluwer combines the IIoT connected safety portfolio of Honeywell devices.

With the capabilities of Enablon’s powerful safety, risk, and health management software, this partnership can help facilities achieve compliance and ensure safety.

Many companies have actively taken a role in COVID-19 relief efforts by developing solutions that were not highlighted until the pandemic began to impact various industries globally. 

Honeywell, a well-known leader in industrial solutions, recently announced a partnership with Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in information and software services for applications such as healthcare, risk, compliance, and law. 


The Partnership

Honeywell’s contribution to this partnership includes its Digitized Workforce Management product line, which assists with real-time compliance status monitoring and enforcement, response management, efficient visitor management, all with an eye toward compliance and employee safety. Honeywell also has the necessary IIoT technology that monitors employee health and PPE compliance in a non-invasive way.


Workers utilizing Honeywel’sl Digitized Workforce Management platform. Image courtesy of Honeywell


Wolters Kluwer provides Enablon solutions such as Protect & Respond, an off-the-shelf software package that aids with monitoring employee health and the procedures and controls that have been put into place. Like Enablon’s other solutions, this package is cloud-based, scalable, and deploys to support a facility’s safety, health, and operational continuity.

Combined, these two industry leaders leverage the latest Industry 4.0 technology and comprehensive information systems to protect the safety, environment, and operations of facilities in the age of COVID-19 and beyond. 


Combining Honeywell and Wolters Kluwer Technology

Honeywell and Enablon’s combined technology works together in a variety of ways. For example, Honeywell’s temperature monitoring solutions conduct non-invasive preliminary screenings of employees entering a facility and detect whether employees are wearing the appropriate PPE and using it correctly.

This data is then reported to Enablon’s EHS software where it can be evaluated as part of an information-rich dashboard view available to management. Based on the information provided by EHS, management can then detect potential health and safety issues before they become a problem and track compliance. They can do this with various regulations related to safety and environmental conditions, ranging from high-level federal requirements to local jurisdictions.


Honeywell and IIoT

Honeywell’s automated IIoT devices reduce the possibility of manual error in data entry to Enablon’s EHS system. This data entry promises a higher level of data integrity, rather than manually taking temperatures and handling repetitive data entry.

The partnership between Honeywell and Wolters Kluwer aims toward operational resiliency and employee safety when health threats are widespread. The two companies aim to achieve this by collecting data and providing managers with data to support compliance with their own policies and those mandated by regulatory agencies.