Honeywell Joins Leading Health Providers To Improve Digitalization in Healthcare

October 02, 2022 by Gunner Scott

Honeywell furthers its investment in the healthcare sector, aiming to find digital and automation solutions to inefficiencies, fallible processes, and ineffective tasks highlighted by the pandemic.

Honeywell has dedicated itself to the continual creation of a healthcare market driven by the most up-to-date technology. Having signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the University of Brno from the Czech Republic and Narayana Hrudayalaya Limited (Narayana Health), one of India’s top service providers, Honeywell hopes to expand in the healthcare sector, an industry in which they already boast a large amount of expertise. The signed MOUs are a foundation for future work on existing inefficient medical procedures and aging medical infrastructure. Focusing on enhancing patient experience, the agreement will set a precedent for further collaborations worldwide and in the United States. 


honeywell digital transformation of healthcare

Medical knowledge seamlessly integrated into IT applications and technology aims to streamline the healthcare industry. Image used courtesy of Canva


Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Not unlike any other service or product sector around the world, healthcare is facing the enormous task of supplying continual patient care while completely reshaping how all the data between doctors, patients, hospitals, and clinics are documented, shared, and processed. The digitization of healthcare data will vastly improve the collaboration between providers and the relationships between patients and doctors. Monitoring and communication will become more effective, and wearable devices will be faster and more accurate. 

Already stretched thin, it is of the utmost importance for providers to receive timely and relevant data on their patients, equipment, and infrastructure. Propelling hospitals and the industry into the next phase of healthcare technology will require strong partnerships with scientific organizations, local governments, and equipment manufacturers. 


Honeywell Technology Solutions

Before the agreement, Honeywell already supported one of the largest healthcare technology portfolios in the industry; further investment from Honeywell in developing higher-quality sensors, switches, ventilators, and miscellaneous medical equipment should ease the transition from an analog to a digital environment


digital transformation of healthcare to improve healthcare industry

Healthcare faces the demanding task of continuously adapting to evolving technology, medical practices, and regulations. Image used courtesy of Honeywell


The Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) program was developed to supply products such as mobile devices, gas detection technology, custom switches, personal protection equipment (PPE), and controls. As well as software such as cloud technology and automation to bring safer working environments and upgrade productiveness. As the company bolsters the resources in this program, preliminary work with the University Hospital of Brno and Narayana Health has already begun.

Initial work between Honeywell and the University Hospital Brno focused on skin patches that monitored real-time patient vitals and directly uploaded to a mobile app. Further work will connect Honeywell to the Department of Internal Cardiology with automated call systems and innovative smart voice technology. 

Honeywell plans to focus on the co-development of industrial applications and facility consultants with their partner Narayana Health. Acting as a technology partner, Honeywell plans to facilitate the optimization of Narayana Health’s digital processes. In addition to medical technology, Honeywell plans to provide fire safety codes and the corresponding equipment to ensure patients' safety beyond their medical experience. 


Honeywell Healthcare Solutions

Besides acting as a critical partner to hospitals and research foundations, Honeywell is committed to delivering products and services that create compelling, secure, and safe environments for medical practitioners and patients. In the years to come, these partnerships should result in a more efficient, digitalized, and adaptable healthcare industry.