Honeywell Ramps Up Production and Development of Vital Vaccines With Fast Track Automation

June 12, 2020 by Damond Goodwin

Honeywell utilizes fast track automation in efforts to speed up the development of vital vaccines to fight COVID-19.

Honeywell's Recent Focus on Medical

Honeywell has recently focused their efforts on better systems for getting vaccines and medical treatments to the public, so people can receive what they need at a faster pace than in the past. Traditionally, a vaccine goes through a trial period before a release for use by the public, and only then can a manufacturing process start to develop. 

Honeywell hopes to expedite this by developing the manufacturing process and automation before the treatment has left the testing phase. This can save significant amounts of time when dealing with a need for large scale treatments of certain diseases. 

Honeywell focuses on industrial applications for their technology but has recently shifted focus to help with the pandemic. They use software to make processes in many different industries more efficient to save resources, time, and money. With their technology available for use in the medical industry, a vaccine will hopefully be found much more quickly. If global leaders can shift their focus to the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of the disease might be greatly reduced. Technology and expertise from their fields might play a vital role to stop the spread of the disease and help to reduce the global economic impact.


Fast Track Automation

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of fast response times for medical development to full-scale manufacturing has grown. The amount of time spent in creating a manufacturing process for critical medical treatments can have a large effect on the reach of a virus. Honeywell is focused on developing the manufacturing processes necessary to produce vaccines, therapies, and treatments before they are approved for the market. This allows them to go from the trial period to full-scale production in as little as two months.   


Honeywell process automation solutions. Image used courtesy of Honeywell. 


Honeywell’s process utilizes many different tools to improve the efficiency of up and coming automation processes. Their technology is known as “Fast Track Automation” and is used to find data before the implementation of systems. They use the cloud, virtualization, batch software, flexible assignment of computing power, remote asset management from a data center, and efficient, fast-track lean project implementation. 


Reducing Costs

This technology can be extremely useful to reduce manufacturing costs and to reduce the amount of time necessary for a full-scale production process. The use of computing power to ease the burden of automating a process that is already behind can save time and lives for people in contact with COVID-19.    

Honeywell has the ability to digitize many of the different processes involved in manufacturing and automation. This gives the manufacturer the ability to make changes to the process and collect necessary data before the equipment hits the floor. Knowing this information saves vital time when a deadline for a vaccine is so important to meet. It is necessary for industry leaders such as Honeywell, to utilize their innovative technology in times of need to save lives and reduce the economic impacts of widespread pandemics and emergencies.