Industrial Cabling Solutions: HELUKABEL Acquires EKD and Sangel

May 26, 2022 by Stephanie Leonida

HELUKABEL adds EKD Systems and Sangel Systemtechnik to its network to become a complete electrical connection system solution provider.

HELUKABEL is a globally recognized manufacturer and supplier of cables, wires, and accessories for industrial, infrastructure, and office applications. The company has now added drag chain manufacturer, ekd gelenkrohr GmbH (ekd), and Sangel Systemtechnik GmbH (Sangel) to its network. HELUKABEL announced its acquisition of ekd on February 27, 2022, and later acquired Sangel at the end of March.


Drag chains

HELUKABEL’s acquisition of EKD provides drag chain solutions across all kinds of industries and specifications. Image used courtesy of HELUKABEL


HELUKABEL Establishes EKD Systems

HELUKABEL has brought in Germany-based ekd to operate as a subsidiary company under the name of EKD Systems. Originally, ekd was founded in 1970 by Ernst Klein and currently specializes in manufacturing customized drag chains made of steel, stainless steel, and plastic for various machine center requirements. The company focuses on tailoring specifications to meet the needs of its customers. EKD has several machining centers, as well a die and mold-making department, and a fully automated plastic injection molding department.

In a news release from February this year, the previous owners of EKD, Ansgar and Holger Klein explained that they "are very happy to have achieved a succession plan with HELUKABEL, which will secure our team's jobs for the long term.”

HELUKABEL Partners with Sangel

HELUKABEL’s partnership with Sangel will allow the cable assembly specialist to expand its business into other localities outside of Europe including Asia and North America. Along with subsidiaries EDK Systems and Robotec Systems, the addition of Sangel will provide an opportunity for HELUKABEL to expand its product offering of customized, comprehensive solutions, especially in drive and automation technology. HELUKABEL will be able to leverage Sangel’s expertise in the manufacturing of industrial cable assemblies and complete system assemblies for mechanical and plant engineering.


Cable ends

HELUKABEL’s acquisition of Sangel provides cables and connectors for all kinds of environments and specialties. Image used courtesy of HELUKABEL


In a news release from April, the Managing Director of Sangel, Frank Sangel, commented, "We are looking forward to further intensifying our partnership, and through resulting synergies to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers."

Acquisition Purpose and Benefits

A cable assembly is useful for organizing, consolidating, and protecting electrical conductors. They are often used in mass production to reduce the assembly time of machinery and equipment.

A uniform cable assembly can make installation and set up as fast and simple as possible in nearly every imaginable industry. In the automotive industry, cable assemblies can be used in electrical or gasoline vehicles to save space and allow wires to fit around mechanical components. In this context, such assemblies can be important for separating distinct systems such as those required for lights, turn signals, displays, and others. This can aid in more efficient operation and easy maintenance.

Other industries that benefit from the safety and installation efficiency that cable assemblies provide include construction, telecommunications, information technology (IT), construction, medical, and manufacturing. Moving CNC machines can almost always be found with both cable assemblies as well as the drag chains that reduce failures and pinch points. Even arcade toys at the mall have drag chains and cable assemblies for moving axes!

HELUKABEL’s latest acquisitions point the company in a trajectory of offering an entire catalog of cable, wire, as well as the mechanical drag chain manufacturing. The company hopes to become a complete electrical connection system solution provider, giving customers a streamlined approach to an entire range of cabling needs.