Symphony Industrial AI Advances Into Wearables by Acquiring Proceedix

January 22, 2022 by Sara McCaslin

Symphony Industrial AI has acquired Proceedix, a move that will allow them to advance further into industrial wearables and expand their solutions for factory and plant processes.

Symphony Industrial AI provides enterprise-level SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for optimization, safety, and profit growth in industrial settings. It announced the acquisition of Proceedix, a digital work instruction and inspection provider. This comes in addition to its 2021 acquisition of Savigent and its IIoT and workflow orchestration platform.

Symphony Industrial AI and Proceedix

Symphony Industrial AI focuses on leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) for digital manufacturing, plant performance, and connected frontline workers over a wide variety of industries worldwide. This includes the software and technology to support Industry 4.0 and lights-out manufacturing.

Proceedix provides a platform for managing and digitizing inspections, instructions, and enterprise procedures through cloud computing and mobile technology. Proceedix customers already include manufacturers such as AGCO, Pfizer, SANY America, and Atlas-Copco. 


Peter Verstraeten, CEO of Proceedix, and Dominic Gallello, CEO of Symphony Industrial AI, are pleased about the acquisition. Image used courtesy of Proceedix


Symphony Industrial AI is also known for developing the EurekaAI industrial platform, which implements AI on a multi-layered platform to support the processing and aggregation of big data.

The acquisition of Proceedix by Symphony Industrial AI will expand Symphony’s capabilities in wearable technology for industrial applications and enable them to further expand their software solutions for plant and factory processes. Symphony Industrial AI is particularly interested in the Proceedix connected frontline worker (CFW) platform developer.


Proceedix CFW Platform Developer 

The Proceedix CFW platform combines mobile technology, such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, and smart glasses to better support workers in executing complex processes. These include maintenance support, quality control, field services, logistics, assembly, shop floor activities, and asset and infrastructure control.


Factory utilizing Proceedix technology to monitor packaging lines. Image used courtesy of Proceedix


Another key aspect of the acquisition lies in its platform for digital work instructions and inspection. The Proceedix platform allows enterprise workflows to be created and managed in a no-code environment that allows SOPs (standard operating procedures), inspection checklists, and work instructions to be carried out easily through visual guidance. 

In addition, the availability of audit trails and alerts through this platform ensures that work is performed correctly and promptly with transparency and full compliance.

The combined technology of Symphony Industrial AI and Proceedix holds promise for the advancement of industrial wearables in the context of Industry 4.0 as well as advanced safety and compliance.