Delta Electronics, Inc is Set to Acquire Universal Instruments

January 08, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Delta, an electronic component manufacturer, advances into smart manufacturing by acquiring Universal Instruments.

Delta Electronics, Inc and Universal Instruments

Delta Electronics, Inc. specializes in manufacturing a wide range of electronic products and components. Their key offerings include power supplies, thermal management solutions, AC/DC power conversion products, LED drivers, industrial automation products, and telecommunications products.

In addition to their electronics product portfolio, Delta also offers engineering and technical support services to help their customers get the most out of their electronics systems.


Delta and Universal CEOs met to finalize the acquisition. Image used courtesy of Delta


Universal Instruments is a manufacturing company specializing in producing electronic equipment and machinery. Their products are used in various industries, including automotive, medical, and defense. Their most popular products include semiconductors, test and measurement equipment, and circuit boards.

They have a global presence, with operations in over 20 countries. Universal Instruments aims to provide quality products and services that meet customer needs.


The Acquisition

The acquisition looks to create synergy between the two companies. Combining the companies’ global customer bases creates new opportunities across the globe. It may also strengthen Delta’s smart manufacturing capabilities in the electronics industry.

With the addition of Universal’s products, Delta will be gaining access to more smart equipment, such as LiDAR, smart sensors, temperature controllers, and meters. Universal specifically targets IIoT solutions, typically “smart” in nature. This targeting will help push Delta into smarter manufacturing.

Delta’s current products, such as their servo systems or motion controllers, could benefit from using Universal’s IIoT solutions. For instance, their six-axis articulated robot series could utilize Universal’s smart sensors for proximity or object detection.


Universal’s APL aims to optimize technology assembly. Image used courtesy of Universal Instruments


In addition, Universal Instruments developed its Advanced Process Lab (APL) platform, which assists customers in each phase of the product's lifecycle:

  • Prototyping
  • Process development
  • Analytics
  • Advanced assembly

Currently, Delta only deals with the last phase. With Universal’s products now in their pocket, Delta will be able to help customers throughout the entire product lifecycle.

With the recent onslaught of acquisitions in the industry, companies and manufacturers are vying for the smartest, cutting-edge technology. Delta hopes acquiring Univeral Instruments will help push them forward to keep up with other companies in the space.

According to Delta, electronics manufacturing is a key focus of its industrial automation solutions. With Universal’s experience in precision automation machines, Delta hopes to offer “total solutions” to enhance productivity.