Symphony IndustrialAI Acquires Digital Manufacturing Leader Savigent

March 25, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

Symphony Industrial AI, a long-time world leader in AI-empowered condition and asset monitoring systems, has recently acquired Savigent, an expert in the industrial internet of things and workflow orchestration.

Symphony IndustrialAI announced the acquisition of Savigent to help discrete and process manufacturing customers achieve greater degrees of optimization. The companies hope to impact key factors such as quality, yields, energy consumption, and process efficiency.


symphony industrialai industrial platform

Symphony IndustrialAI’s industrial platform. Image used courtesy of Symphony IndustrialAI


Customers who choose to implement these solutions may be better prepared for the future of manufacturing as artificial intelligence capabilities are leveraged to enhance processing massive amounts of condition and process-related data for decision making and optimization.


Symphony IndustrialAI and Savigent

As an industrial insight leader, Symphony IndustrialAI provides predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and asset performance monitoring solutions. Their technology combines the power of AI with the insight gained from IIoT to enable plants and manufacturing facilities to optimize performance. Symphony IndustrialAI has clients in various industries, including manufacturing, industrial, oil and gas, and defense. 


symphony industrialai eurekaai platform

Symphony Industrial AI's Multi-Layered EurekaAI platform. Image used courtesy of Symphony IndustrialAI


Savigent is known for its IIoT and workflow orchestration platform, whose goal is to simplify complex manufacturing and optimize the various processes. Industries served by Savigent include industrial, automotive, agribusiness, oil and gas, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, aerospace, consumer packaged goods, and building materials.


Symphony IndustrialAI’s Acquisition of Savigent

Symphony IndustrialAI will combine Savigent’s technology and solutions with their flexible, secure, and scalable EurekaAI industrial technology platform. This platform is used to process and aggregate different types of data via big-data-enabled analytics engines. 

Savigent will bring extensive IIoT connectivity (including the ability to connect disparate equipment and systems), real-time IoT data capture, better access to process-related information for decision making, and work orchestration technology. Symphony’s AI optimization technologies will enhance all of these components.


savigent workflow graph

Savigent workflow graph. Image used courtesy of Savigent


This merger’s expected benefits include enhancing Savigent’s manufacturing operations solutions capabilities through AI and machine learning and strengthening Symphony IndustrialAI’s condition and process monitoring platform through enhanced IIoT connectivity and manufacturing operations management tools.

In addition, both companies will provide “state-of-the-art” monitoring and optimization solutions to a wider group of customers. Customers of both companies will also benefit from more powerful analytics made possible through this acquisition. 

Symphony IndustrialAI acquiring Savigent will enable customers to make a smooth transition into the future of manufacturing. The value-added tools and platforms they will be able to provide are necessary to effectively implement more effective predictive maintenance, critical decision-making, and process optimization, as well as take advantage of manufacturing advancements such as Industry 4.0.