HELUKABEL’s New Single-Handed Cable Cutter

August 17, 2023 by Shawn Dietrich

You only need one hand to safely use HELUKABEL's ergonomic cable insulation cutter in the field.

For more than 40 years, HELUKABEL has been producing high-quality cables for industry. Currently, their product portfolio encompasses a variety of cables designed to suit a broad range of commercial/industrial applications. HELUKABEL also offers its complimentary HELUTOOL line of accessories and tools. To enhance its tool offering the company recently introduced the HAM 29, an innovative one-handed cable jacket cutter.


HELUKABEL cable jacket cutter

One hand is all you need with HELUTOOL’s innovative HAM 29 jacket cutter. Image used courtesy of HELUKABEL


Ergonomically Correct for Functionality and Prolonged Use

Because electricians and technicians are constantly using hand tools to do their job, they need to be highly ergonomic in design and function. Jacket cutters are no exception. Jacket cutters are essential for hardwiring power and control networks. The end of every cable has to be stripped of its insulation. Given that, a typical industrial-grade project might require repeating this operation hundreds if not thousands of times, it’s easier to understand why ergonomics plays such a critical role in tool design.


HAM 29 cable cutter

Ergonomically correct, the HAM 29 is capable of trimming 4.5 - 29 mm cables. Image used courtesy of HELUKABEL


Blade Runner: HAM 29 Jacket Cutter

HELUKABEL’s jacket-cutting tool offers innovative features that one may not find with similar tools on the market. For example, the design incorporates a simple locking mechanism to enhance user safety. The tool is locked in the closed position until the depth knob is turned to the unlocked position. The lock also shields the user and prevents the cutting blade from damage.

The HAM 29 is capable of trimming cables from 4.5 to 29 mm in diameter, and the blade can be rotated and adjusted with one hand. A spring is used to maintain pressure on the cable and prevent blade slippage. Cutting-blade depth, finely adjustable up to 3 mm, assures a clean cut and less potential for damaging the cables within. Once the circumference of the jacket is cut, the blade can be rotated and run longitudinally slicing it open for easy removal.


Solid and stranded insulated wires in protective jackets

Cables within the insulating jacket must be carefully stripped to avoid damage. Likewise, jacket-stripping tools must be carefully designed so as not to damage the technician after prolonged use. Image used courtesy of Adobe Stock


Handy Tools for Industrial Applications

According to HELUKABEL, well-designed and ergonomic hand tools have been shown to reduce fatigue and potential injury. The HAM 29 has been built with ergonomics in mind. From form to function, HELUKABEL’s jacket cutter offers users a handy, efficient tool purpose-built for the task.

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    David_2 August 23, 2023

    I wish they’d photographed someone using it and included it.  It isn’t clear how it fits your hand or how it works.  The big circle is the pull-ring once the cable is squeezed by the black parts?

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  • C
    C_Danger September 01, 2023

    “Cutting-blade depth, adjustable in 3 mm increments” ?
    That is just under .125”  .01” would make a lot more sense, I think a decimal point is missing.


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    • D
      David Peterson September 01, 2023
      You are right. It's actually adjustable with a blade depth of UP TO 3 mm. And it doesn't adjust in incremental steps, from what I can see from the product specs. Man, that would be a frustrating tool to use if you only had 1/8" of increment precision.
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