Rockwell, Universal Robots, and Yokogawa Will Showcase Latest Automation Solutions This November

November 02, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Industry leaders are gearing up for big events this November to highlight their latest solutions in industrial automation.

As 2021 is wrapping up, several industry leaders are holding hybrid events this November to showcase their latest solutions.

Some of the largest industrial automation events are coming up in the next few weeks. This article will look at the Rockwell Automation Fair 2021, the Universal Robots APAC Cobot Expo 2021, and the Y NOW 2021 conference. Learn more about how their participants and organizers are adapting to a new hybrid reality.


Rockwell Automation Fair 2021

Automation Fair 2021, brought to you by Rockwell Automation and members of its PartnerNetwork, will take place between November 10 and 11 in Houston, Texas, as well as online.

The event has been running every year since the 1990s and has throughout the years innovated more and more, both in terms of technologies showcased, and in the organizational side of the conference.


Rockwell Automation Fair 2021’s banner image. Image used courtesy of Rockwell Automation


“That first year, we wanted to try something new to bring our customers together. Here we are, 30 years later, still running strong,” Tina Dear, Vice President of Marketing for Rockwell Automation told Control Automation.

According to the organizers, the hybrid experience will now combine the technological capabilities of a virtual event with the connectedness of an in-person event.

“Every year, it has been about bringing all of our customers along to what’s latest in automation and digital transformation. This year will be no different,” Dear added.

The conference will showcase over 100 exhibits from Rockwell Automation and members of its PartnerNetwork across a number of industries.

“We are going to showcase ten industry forums this year. These are going to feature panel discussions from leading industry experts in industries including automotive and tire, chemical, decarbonization, and emerging energies, food and beverage, life sciences, metals, mining, cement, oil and gas, power, and water/wastewater,” Dear concluded.

The Rockwell Automation Fair 2021 is free to attend and features a different schedule for the in-person and virtual programs. 


Universal Robots APAC Cobot Expo 2021

The Asia Pacific (APAC) Cobot Expo 2021 will be an online, virtual event and will take place on 9 and 10 November. Organized by Universal Robots, the collaborative robot (cobot) exhibition will feature panels with some of the company’s prominent global spokespersons, including the company’s President Kim Povlsen and Regional Director for APAC James McKew.

“Last year’s expo, WeAreCobots, featured 15 insightful keynote sessions, 15 exhibitors, and daily live product and application demonstrations,” McKew said.


The virtual environment where APAC Cobot Expo 2021 will be held. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots


This year’s event will focus on manufacturers, ecosystem partners, and system integrators and how they can deploy and implement robotic solutions. 

“This year our message is clear: automation is about collaboration and automation is empowering change across the globe,” McKew added. “Both locally and internationally, the winds of change are upon us and those who aren’t paying attention are going to be left behind.”

The APAC Cobot Expo 2021 is free, and you can register for it on their website. 


Y NOW 2021

Yokogawa is a worldwide provider of industrial automation and test and measurement solutions. The company has recently announced its Y NOW 2021 event, taking place online November 2-4. The virtual event will allow industry experts to discuss ways to accelerate digital transformations to create highly agile operations.



Yokogawa’s Y Now event graphic. Image used courtesy of Yokogawa


In particular, Y NOW 2021 will focus on Industrial Automation to Industrial Autonomy (IA2IA) applications and their implications on today’s manufacturing world. Speakers include Michael Krauss from BASF, Alex Reed from Fluence Analytics, and Ram Ramasamy from Frost & Sullivan.

The event is expected to have more than 2,500 attendees from 77 countries. Y NOW 2021 is free to attend.

These industry leaders are hopeful that these events will provide them and partners a chance to showcase their latest solutions in control and automation technology. Will you be attending these events?