inVia Robotics Provides Social Distancing Features to Warehouse Using inVia Logic and PickMate Software

May 23, 2020 by Damond Goodwin

Robotics company, inVia, adds warehouse ‘social distancing features’ to its software.

Who is inVia?

inVia is a company based out of Westlake Village, CA that focuses on autonomous robotic pick systems for e-commerce warehouses. Their robots retrieve and move product through the warehouses to greatly reduce the amount of human labor necessary in the process. The robots can be integrated into current warehouse production in a few weeks instead of months with more traditional methods of robotic integration. 

The company takes care of the sophisticated logic behind the system with 24-hour monitoring and support for any problems that may arise during production. inVia has recently started implementing a monitoring system for workers in the plant environment to help with social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The robots are able to monitor safe zones among workers and send alerts when they break the social distancing practice of staying six feet apart. 


inVia Logic Warehouse Simulation

inVia uses warehouse simulation logic to keep track of the processes in warehouses that can help with the efficiency of robotic movements. The system works by cutting down on the distance the place and pick robots must move and allows for a more streamlined movement of product through the warehouse. Recently they have developed additional software that will allow for worker monitoring. 


invia robotics social distancing

The Robotics-as-a-Service model. Image used courtesy of inVia Robotics


Work zones are defined by the company and workers can be observed to ensure they are not violating social distancing measures, for their safety. When a worker violates the rules by moving out of the zone, the worker and management are notified making sure the distancing practices are being followed strictly. A device worn by the worker is used to track them during their work duties and is also used to alert them when they move out of their work zone or invade the social distancing zone of a coworker. 


A New Way of Doing Business

As e-commerce continues to grow, the demand for warehouses supplying these markets will start to experience pressure in order to meet the growing demand. In the past, more employees would be added to the company’s payroll to help move more product through the warehouse. 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, this detracts from the safety of the worker by forcing them into a more crowded workplace increasing their chance of exposure to the disease. Some companies have already implemented inVia as a way to increase productivity without increasing the number of workers in a plant. With the added benefit of worker monitoring systems included with the inVia software, it is now easier for companies to enforce social distancing regulations.  

It is hard to tell how many companies will implement this new technology into their current processes but it could be a look into the future of workplace management. Since the software and robotics are easily integrated into a short timespan, inVia might become a very popular product in the warehouse and eCommerce industries. 

With some adjustments, the system may work in other industries as well. Keeping track of social distancing measures can help to increase the safety of workers, and other industries may adopt the software for this reason alone. In a world where COVID-19 is a reality, robotic and automated systems have offered a helping hand where it is needed most.