Kaman Introduces New Self-Contained Displacement Sensor to New Industries

September 28, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Kaman Precision Products released the SC-2440 analog output displacement sensor designed for automated assembly.

The U.S. based company, Kaman Precision Products, is a global leader in the provision of the general-purpose non-contact position measuring systems using inductive. 


Kaman Precision Technology

Kaman Precision stems from Kaman Corporation, founded in 1945, and operated its business under the umbrella of Kaman Aerospace Corporation. 

Kaman’s technologies range across various markets, including energy, industrial, military aircraft, metal processing, machine and paper, machine building, automotive, and more. Recently, Kaman Precision introduced a new low-cost, self-contained analog output displacement sensor, the SC-2440.


The SC-2440 Analog Output Displacement Sensor

The new sensor by Kaman Precision is equipped with automated assembly, repeatability requirements, and OEM applications with onboard computing power. The sensor’s body is made of hardy nickel-plated steel, performs at a resolution of 0.001 mm (0.00004 in.) at full range, and exhibits a response time of 0.10ms. 


The self-contained SC-2440 Analog Output Displacement Sensor. Image courtesy of Kaman Precision Products.


The sensor comes with an in-built temperature sensor, which is continuously monitored, and the circuit provides a voltage output of 0.5 to 1.2 volts direct current (VDC). The operating and storage range of the device is between 0 to 70° C. A microprocessor or PLC can correct any disturbance to the displacement output with fluctuations in temperature conditions. 

Complete With IP Ratings

The SC-2440 features environmental IP with an IP-67 rating. This means that the device is protected against dust and other airborne particles. Customers can also expect protection from water intrusion from immersion in up to 1m of water. 

Other key features of the SC-2440 include a compact build, fixed-gain output, reverse polarity and short circuit protection, variable voltage input from 15 to 30 VDC, no need for calibration, and very low hysteresis. 

For users requiring a specific system set up to cater to a specific application, Kaman offers several options regarding sensor cables, including sensor cable extension, in-line cable connector splice, hermetic inline connector splice. Kaman also provides unique calibrations to allow for optimum performance.