L-com Aims to Help Big Data Companies with Cable and Panel Solutions

May 20, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

L-com releases a suite of connective devices to support companies utilizing 5G and big data applications.

L-com Inc. is an Infinite Electronics brand that leads the design and manufacture of wired and wireless connectivity products. The company’s product portfolio includes wireless LAN amplifiers, fiber optics, cable assemblies, connectors, antennas, adaptors, and more. 

Recently, L-com released its new range of fiber optic fan-out cable assemblies, fiber sub-panels, MPO (multi-fiber push-on) fiber cassettes, and rack-mount MPO fiber chassis. The company aims to provide customers with connective equipment to help support 5G, big data, voice, video, and data applications.

Worldwide, enterprises and businesses are moving toward Industry 4.0 and the factory of the future. This transition will bring smart manufacturing to the forefront, which will require greater connectivity, autonomous processing, and effective and secure machine data transmission and analysis. 

To allow efficient machine-to-machine (M2M) and human-machine communication, and overall smooth-running autonomous workflows, manufacturers are looking to 5G and big data processing tools. L-com aims to provide companies with a range of connective devices that can help companies facilitate big data processing and enhance site communication and operability.


MTP Fan-Out Cassettes

L-com’s latest MTP (multi-fiber termination push-on) fan-out cassettes connect and split multi-fiber MTP trunk cables to patch cables. With these LGX style cassettes, MTP cables can be converted to individual LC or SC connections. Multi-mode and single-mode versions of the cassettes are available and also feature one or two MTP connectors. 

Engineers can use L-com’s new MTP fan-out cassettes to simplify cable management and accommodate a higher density of cables. They can also be used for fiber-optic network infrastructure, fiber optic installers, and more.


The L-com FSP-MTM1-LCD6-M3 cassette. Image used courtesy of L-com 


In a news release from last month, Product Line Manager at L-com, Paul Hospodar, commented: “These new fiber cables, cassettes, and chassis provide technicians and IT managers with the perfect solution for saving space in crowded server rooms and data centers. By utilizing MPO-style connectors, multiple fibers can be collapsed into a single MPO connection thus reducing cost, space used, and complexity in fiber networks.”


MPO to LC, LGX Cassettes and Chassis

The new MPO to LC, LGX fan-out cassettes and high density 19” rack-mount chassis are available in different generations of multi-mode fiber (MMF), from OM3, OM4, to OS2. The OM3 and OM4 fibers are typically 50µm core diameter and laser-optimized multimode fibers (LOMMF). 

OM3 and OM4 are designed for Ethernet of 10 GB/s, with OM3 supporting this bandwidth up to 300 m; OM4 can support this bandwidth up to 550 m. The LGX cassettes come with several LC connections ranging from 12 to 72, and the 1U rack-mount chassis come with a male MPO connector with pins and 48, 72, 96, or 144 multimode LC connections.


The L-com FSP-MPM-HDRK-048LCSM high-density rack mount chassis. Image used courtesy of L-com 


L-com customers can also browse the company’s broad range of fiber sub-panels, which can be used in enclosures, rack panels, and DIN-rail boxes. MPO to LC fiber fan-out cables are available with 12 and 24 count fiber options with OM3, OM4, or OS2.