HMS Releases an Industrial 5G Router and Starterkit

April 01, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

HMS Networks introduces a 5G router and starterkit for 5G network testing set up with Ericsson Industry Connect.

HMS Networks develops and supplies products enabling industrial equipment to connect with IIoT (industrial internet of things) software. By enhancing connectivity, the company aims to boost business productivity and sustainability for its customers. 

HMS released its 5G router and starterkit. The Wireless Router 5G is the first commercially available industrial 5G router that has been optimized for private networks to pass the CE conformance test.


Industrial 5G

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks and can benefit society by significantly improving network connection. It can provide industries with remote access control of robots and vehicles for greater employee safety in hazardous environments, complete product traceability, autonomous production lines that react to supply and demand, digital replicas for predictive maintenance of machinery, and more. 


Video used courtesy of HMS


With factory operation supported by 5G, employees can take advantage of a wireless network that can keep up with industrial demands. It can improve security, communication speed, and flexibility. 


The Wireless Router and 5G Starterkit

The Wireless Router 5G from HMS is wall-mountable, has an ingress protection (IP) rating of IP30, and operates between -40oC to 70oC. The device also features LAN, WAN, and power over Ethernet (PoE) ports, a SIM socket, and an integrated power connector. 

HMS tested its router with the Ericsson Industry Connect 5G solution in standalone (SA) operation using band n78. It supports 5G and 4G technology and provides users with a robust cellular connection. Automated guided vehicles and other industrial machines can communicate with other equipment and transmit data easily and efficiently. 


HMS 5G router and starterkit

The Wireless Router 5G and 5G starterkit with IO-Link sensors. Image used courtesy of HMS


The HMS starterkit accompanies the Wireless Router 5G. It allows users to start up a network with Ericsson Industry Connect and to test the network. The kit comes with two industrial IO-Link sensors and enables the collection of data from sensors across the 5G network. Data can be accessed through Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols as well as in JSON format.

In a news release, the Development Manager at HMS Labs, Dr. Jens Jakobsen, commented on being prideful having the first commercially available Industrial 5G router. He hopes the starterkit will help advance the industrial environment.

At present, the router is available only to users of the Industry Connect system from Ericsson.