Latest PS Power Supply Series from Beckhoff Features New PSU Ranges

January 14, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Beckhoff recently announced its latest range of PSUs for use in industrial environments.

Beckhoff Releases Three New PSU Ranges

Recently, Beckhoff announced three new power supply ranges aimed for use in industrial applications; the PS1000, PS2000, and PS3000. All power supplies are housed in DIN rail packages. They're designed for use in standard industrial rack systems (those used by motor drivers, PLCs, and HMIs).

The new range of PSUs also supports protection against back EMF, a phenomenon that occurs with inductive systems that can quickly destroy sensitive electronics and power controllers.


New Ranges of PSUs

PS1000 Range

The PS1000 range is PSUs designed for use in applications with a requirement for low-cost, space-saving applications. While the PS1000 range does not support overpower options (such as those provided by the PS2000 and PS3000). It does provide up to 95.2% efficiency, durability, and reliability.


PS1000 range. Image courtesy of Beckhoff


The high efficiency reduces overall heat dissipation, and the vertical design allows for convection flow cooling. The PS1000 range provides output currents between 2.5A to 20A.

It also has output short-circuit protection with a safe hiccup mode, and devices whose current output is 5A or greater also integrate a DC-OK relay contact. This relay contract can allow other systems to confirm the stability of the PSU. All devices in the PS1000 range accept a wide input voltage range from 100VAC to 240VAC single phase and provide 24V DC output.


PS2000 Range

The PS2000 range is PSUs designed for use in small designs but include more features than the PS1000 range. The PS2000 range provides an efficiency of up to 96.3% when used in an optimum cooling scenario. The PS2000 range also supports peak power of up to 120% for applications that require spikes of greater power (generally inductive devices). 


The PS2000 range. Image courtesy of Beckhoff


All devices in the PS2000 range come with a DC-OK LED, power factor correction, and active switch-on current limitation for better protection. Most PS2000 PSUs support 100VAC to 240VAC and provide an output current range of 5A to 20A, but the PS2031-2410-0000 accepts 3-phase 380VAC to 480VAC. All devices provide an output voltage of 24V and have power ratings between 120W to 480W.


PS3000 Range

The PS3000 range is PSUs that continue with enhancements and capabilities in the new PS range. The PS3000 range support peak power of 150% for up to 4 seconds, while the UI characteristics also allows for the starting of heavy loads. 

Short circuit protection is offered in some of the PS3000 range of devices, while all devices integrate immunity against transients, overvoltage, and EMI. Similar to the PS2000 range, the PS3000 includes both single and 3-phase power options supporting voltages from 100VAC to 480VAC. It also supports an output current from 20A to 40A, and output voltages from 24VDC to 48VDC.


The PS3000 range. Image courtesy of Beckhoff


All power supplies in the PS3000 range are integrated with DC-OK LEDs, and DC-OK output relays to allow external systems to determine if the PSU is operating correctly. 

All PSUs integrate power factor correction, active switch-on current limitation, while some of the PSUs integrate a shutdown relay. 


IECEx and ATEX Certification

Some of the PSUs in the new range are certified for IECEx and ATEX environments. These two certifications relate to equipment used in potentially explosive environments, such as oil and gas industries. 

ATEX certification is mandatory for equipment intending to operate in an explosive atmosphere in Europe, while IECEx is an international standard formed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The IECEx standard aims to provide an international standard that provides a safety level for equipment regardless of the country. 

While there may be minor differences in ATEX and IECEx, the two can work from the same standard and are mostly interchangeable. Both standards utilize an Equipment Protection Level (EPL), which operates in a very similar IP rating method. 

Regarding explosive mixtures, if a device can protect against a hydrogen atmosphere, it can protect against all other compounds. The ATEX rating of the PS range of PSUs by Beckoff makes them applicable to many applications found across industries.