New EPOS4 Micro 24/5 CAN Controller from Maxon

February 14, 2020 by Scott Huntington

Maxon has launched a miniaturized version of its EPOS4 digital positioning controller.

The Micro 24/5 CAN is only 32mm x 22mm, or 1.26in x 0.87in, and is the latest controller from the Swiss manufacturer. Similar to existing products in the EPOS4 line, this small device packs a powerful punch, much like its predecessors. Maxon has proved that they can create high-quality controllers even at tiny sizes. 


Micro-controller with Maximum Versatility 

The Micro 24/5 CAN offers a competitive price-performance ratio, with similar functionality to Maxon's larger controllers despite its smaller size. Its operations, software and available accessories are all comparable to those of the rest of the EPOS4 range. 

The miniature controller is compatible with both brushed DC and brushless EC motors. This versatility means engineers can use it in a wide variety of different applications. It can also control motors up to 120 watts, making it reasonably powerful for its compact size. 

In addition to its power output, the Micro 24/5 CAN offers compatibility with different sensors. Its feedback options include Hall sensors, SSI absolute encoders and numerous incremental encoders. The tiny controller also features Field Oriented Control (FOC), Dual Loop, observer control and feedforward.

The Micro 24/5 CAN comes with built-in safety features too, including current limits and temperature control. Users can freely configure the controller's inputs, further improving its flexibility and function.


Maxon 24/5 CAN controller

The new Micro 24/5 CAN. Image used courtesy of Maxon. 


Adaptability for Both Single and Multi-axis Control Systems

If the Micro 24/5 CAN is anything, it's adaptable. Its variable inputs and feedback options make it possible for engineers to integrate it into a virtually infinite number of tasks and machinery. 

Positioning controllers like this one can control the compact, dynamic motors found throughout vehicles, from steering wheel vibrations to fuel injection pumps. As cars become increasingly computerized and interconnected, small, durable electronic equipment will be a growing necessity in the automotive industry.

Maxon designed the Micro 24/5 CAN for use in both single and multi-axis control systems. This feature makes it ideal for complex, precise machinery like robotics. Manufacturers across industries are interested in building smaller and faster robots, meaning they'll need small, fast motors enabled by controllers of the same type.

While the entire EPOS4 line still offers impressive performance, the Micro 24/5 CAN provides it in a smaller package. This modest size allows it to fit into machines where space is limited, such as handheld tools or compact electric bikes. It enables engineers and manufacturers to integrate advanced motors into a range of new applications.


Easy Programming and Adjustable Board

Like all Maxon's EPOS4 controllers, the Micro 24/5 CAN comes with free libraries and programming examples to make it easier to program and use. The controller also comes with an evaluation board (EB) that you can use to adjust the Micro 24/5 if necessary.

Prices for the Micro 24/5 CAN controllers are under $200, depending on how many you order at a time. 

Products throughout the EPOS4 range come in both CANopen and EtherCAT models, and the same will be true of the Micro 24/5. The CAN model, which is also compatible with USB and RS232, is available now, with an EtherCAT model coming in the spring of 2020. You can buy the Micro 24/5 CAN and download its companion software from Maxon's website.

With this device available now, you'll want to move soon to secure your purchase. Use it for a wide variety of engineering applications and bring your projects to life with vigor.


Do you see a benefit to a micro-controller such as this one? What could you use this controller for?