Mecademic Set to Release “World’s Most Compact” Industrial Robot Arm

April 25, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Mecademic debuts its latest compact, six-axis industrial robot arm, the MCS500 SCARA robot.

Who is Mecademic?

Mecademic is a specialist in the design, development, and supply of small mechanical robot arms to automate precise tasks and delicate movements. Mecademic offers its customers small robots with plug & work automation and aims to provide easy integration and operation. The company manufactures its robot arms using aluminum and recycles waste chips to lower its environmental impact. 


The MCS500 SCARA robot. Image used courtesy of Mecademic

During the manufacturing process, minimal energy and eco-friendly machine working fluid are used, and robots consume under 30 W on average. The company is soon to release its latest robot arm in its six-axis MCS500 SCARA robot.


The MCS500 SCARA Robot 

The 4.9kg MCS500 SCARA robot comes with a Z stroke of 100mm, a reach of 225 mm, and a maximum payload of 1kg. It has a maximum Z speed of 900 mm/s and an XY speed of 3,250 mm/s. Concerning orientation, the bot has a maximum speed of 5,000 °/s. 

The MCS500 incorporates what is considered to be the market’s leading zero-backlash speed reducers and high-resolution encoders. The base of the robot can fit within the palm of your hand and does not need a bulky controller cabinet, teach pendant, and neither does it utilize unnecessary cables. 


The MCS500 SCARA robot. Image used courtesy of Mecademic


The MCS500’s controller is situated inside its base. The controller has been fitted with an intuitive web interface to help smooth operations, and it can be accessed through a web browser. The robot is suited for manufacturers wishing to make the most of small spaces within their factories and those looking for a machine with a small footprint. 

In terms of operability, Mecademic’s MCS500 allows users to communicate via EtherCAT, TCP/IP, and Ethernet IP communication protocols. The bot can also be connected computer or PLC using the accompanying Ethernet cable. A chosen programming language (whether it be Java, C#, Python, etc.) can be used to get it task-ready.


Software and Integration of the MCS500 

The MCS500 robot comes with an external power supply that contains a safety module (Cat. 3 / PL d). This module has an E-Stop and safety (I/O) interface.

The speed of the SCARA robot may provide a faster cycle time and maximum throughput. Like all Mecademic robot arms, the MCS500 comes with lifetime software updates and does not need any software licenses. 

Additionally, battery changes for the robot throughout its use are not required because of its absolute encoders. The MCS500 has been designed to help customers save on time and help them to avoid unnecessary complications during integration within the manufacturing facility processes. This can save costs incurred by installation and training.