Nord Modules Releases Quick Mover 180 Autonomous Mobile Robot

November 23, 2020 by Seth Price

Learn about the Quick Move 180 (QM180), the latest materials handling mobile robot from Nord.

Nord Modules is known for its robotic materials handling equipment. In particular, they manufacture Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that safely transport materials around the manufacturing plant or warehouse. 

Their goal is to produce robots that can do the heavy-lifting, so employees don’t have to make repetitive and monotonous motions. In the long run, this means a happier, healthier workforce, who can be more engaged in solving more complex problems than routine materials handling tasks.


Nord’s Quick Move 180

The Quick Move 180 (QM180) is the newest materials handling robot from Nord Modules. It is customizable, and can transport up to 485 lbs (220 kg), and can carry items up to 31” x 24” (800 mm x 600 mm).

It uses internal proximity sensors to automatically dock with several other Nord products, such as their load-handling gates and cobots for picking applications. 


The Nord Modules Quick Move 180 (QM180) right side and front view. Image courtesy of Nord Modules


The QM180 comes equipped with a smartphone to control the robot and be ready to roll on the factory floor in 30 minutes. Unlike similar materials handling AMRs, the QM180 can handle various materials without changing the top of the robot. 


Unique Capabilities of the AMRs

The QM180 has four fins suitable for half pallets, boxes, plastic shipping containers, and even raw materials, such as metal castings or lumber.

When the robot reaches the gate, it slides underneath, then lifts the product off the AMR and onto the gate. Lifting, loading, navigating, aligning, and docking the AMR are done automatically.


The QM180 docks automatically to a Nord Gate. Image courtesy of Nord. 

Suppose a manufacturing facility needed to move parts from shipping and receiving to the assembly line. In the past, employees load items onto a pallet jack or cart, drive it over, and unload it. They would either wait for items or rushing to deliver parts to a machine that has run out of parts to assemble. 

With the QM180, the employee can beckon the parts via an included smartphone a few minutes before they are required.
The QM180 shows up, having navigated through the factory, with the right parts at just the right time. Repetitive motion, lifting, transport, and strain-related injuries are minimized, and time has been optimized.


Supporting Manufacturing Operations

This AMR will improve the throughput of most manufacturing operations, especially those where multiple materials and parts are needed at different times.

A fleet of QM180 robots and some intelligent programming can ensure that no picking cobot has excess or has run out of parts to place in an assembly process. 

They are designed to benefit large-scale packaging and shipping operations. Their versatility allows smaller manufacturing outfits to reconfigure them over and over again for different operations as needed.

It has been said that any operation that is repetitive, dangerous, delicate, or boring can and should be automated. Materials handling, and all of the injuries associated with it, are no exception. The QM180 promises to reduce materials handling injuries and shrink due to damaged items.