nVent Expands Industrial Enclosure Solutions with Free-Stand Enclosure Portfolio

March 03, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

nVent releases nVent HOFFMAN Universal Free-Stand Enclosures to enhance safety and flexibility in industrial environments.

nVent Electric and Family of Enclosures

nVent Electric is a global supplier of electronic packaging, concrete reinforcing steel connections, data center and networking solutions, and other electrical connection and protection solutions. The company operates in three areas, including thermal management, enclosures, electrical, and fastening solutions. 

The enclosures connect to and safe-house integral communication, electronics, control, and power equipment from Hoffman and Schroff brands. 

Recently, nVent revealed its nVent HOFFMAN branded Universal Free-Stand enclosure portfolio. The company introduced its portfolio, intending to provide a flexible design with improved safety for equipment and workers in industrial manufacturing applications. 


company logo

The company logo. Image used courtesy of nVent HOFFMAN 


nVent is an independent publicly-traded company formed by the division of parent company, Pentair plc, in 2018. While Pentair retained its Water business, it turned over its Electrical business to nVent. nVent's beginnings with Pentair go back to the acquisition of Federal-Hoffman Corporation in 1988. This included the nVent HOFFMAN enclosures brand.


The Universal Free-Stand Enclosure

The Universal Free-Stand enclosures (Type 4) come in one- and two-door models, bayed together to create application-specific configurations for indoor and outdoor environments. 

Customers can enhance safety or expand upon panel space with additional available accessories. These accessories incorporate safety, and component mounting density economizes on design time, enables modifications and assembly.



nVent HOFFMAN's Universal Free-Stand Enclosures, Type 4. Image used courtesy of nVent HOFFMAN 


The nVent HOFFMAN enclosures come as one-and two-door models. The models are bayable and designed to make the installation of multi-door enclosures of almost any configuration more simple. Enclosure seams are continuously welded and ground smooth with body stiffeners incorporated into larger enclosures to provide more rigidity. Another feature is the body flange trough, which serves to keep out liquids and contaminants. 

The door gasket is oil-resistant, and hinges are concealed and designed to be easy-to-remove. The enclosures also feature heavy-duty lifting eyes that anchor into a reinforced top. All doors have a padlocking handle that operates a heavy-duty 3-point latching mechanism.

Other features include an oil-resistant door gasket and data pocket that is high-impact thermoplastic. Doors also come with bonding provision, and each enclosure has a mechanical interlock standard. 


nVent Aims to Reduce Installation Time 

In a news release from January, nVent HOFFMAN Product Marketing Manager, Emily DeLozier commented, "Panel builders and integrators are always seeking new ways to save time and costs without compromising reliability or performance." 

nVent HOFFMAN's new Universal Free-Stand portfolio may reduce installation time by 30%. This can be done with barrier panels, side panels, panel gliders, and a false floor designed for easy installation. 

Additionally, design time can be reduced with an in-stock inventory configured to suit customer requirements.