OnRobot Launches Software Update to 2.5D Camera-Based Eyes Vision System

August 25, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

OnRobot launches an update to its innovative robotic support Eyes vision system, which offers new, improved capabilities for robotics applications. 

OnRobot offers its customers innovative plug-and-produce solutions for collaborative applications. OnRobot’s collaborative automotive solutions enable small to mid-size manufacturers to improve production and product quality by making the automation of tasks quicker and simpler from material handling, packaging, quality control, palletizing, machine tending, assembly, and surface finishing.


OnRobot 2.5D vision system. Image courtesy of OnRobot.


Recently, the company launched a software update for its 2.5D camera-based Eyes vision system.


OnRobot Eyes

OnRobot's Eyes vision system claims to be affordable, easy to deploy, and flexible for use for a majority of collaborative applications.

The system does not require any complex programming, is configurable with a wrist and external mount, and uses depth perception for unstructured applications.

System set up can be achieved for any leading robot brand, and employees need no special training as the program is easy to install. Deployment is fast and avoids unnecessary downtime during changes to new products or processes. The positioning is said to be highly dynamic around the tilt orientation and robot flange. 


New Vision System Capabilities

The updated vision system allows manufacturers to effectively sort, inspect, pick-and-place any unstructured applications using any robot arm.

Color and contour detection is used for object detection with or without the use of a robot, which is something that stands out from competing vision systems on the market.

Another feature of this vision system is one-shot detection for multiple objects. This allows workers to pick out a specific object, all from using just one picture for identification.

Workers can also benefit from the Eyes system update through the provision of tools that allow them to request specific types of objects and specify gripper clearance parameters. This capability reduces cycle times and so contributes to overall production line efficiency. 

Parts removed from computer numerical control (CNC) machines can be inspected or injection molding machine (IMM) parts for excessive or unsuitable material after the molding of parts.  


Sorting, identification, multiple object handling, and moving objects is made easy and efficient with OnRobot’s Eyes vision system. Image courtesy of OnRobot. 


Another feature of OnRobot’s Eyes vision system is the 2.5D vision, which enables depth perception. This allows robots to be able to gauge the height of stacked objects so that they may navigate the process of its safe movement from one location to the next with greater efficiency. 


Eyes Powerful Toolkit

The toolkit that comes with the updated Eyes system software allows users to easily deploy Eyes on a variety of OnRobot’s bots with carts, trays, and pallets. Landmarks can also be used through the Landmark feature to enable robots to travel from A to B and to initiate specific tasks. Eyes can detect when a bot has entered into its defined workspace where parts are located for picking and switches to a pick-and-place process.

“More and more manufacturers are looking to deploy robot arms on mobile platforms for various factory and warehouse applications.

Today’s update gives our customers the ability to put ‘Eyes’ on mobile robots and does so without sacrificing the ease of use that makes our products such a compelling proposition for manufacturers of all sizes,” said Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO at OnRobot in a recent news release.