OnRobot Opens Invitations to Virtual Event on Collaborative Automation

November 29, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Collaborative robots’ manufacturer OnRobot opened registrations for the ‘OnRobot Expo’ online event, set to take place December 2nd and 3rd.

The online event will focus on collaborative automation applications and will feature several industry leader’s keynotes.

The presentations are set for 30 minutes and cover various topics related to cobots, including lean manufacturing, collaborative packaging, and more.


A “Unique Interactive Digital Universe”

In addition to bringing together various collaborative automation experts, OnRobot will showcase the company’s advancements in the field. The company will deliver demos of robotic components from grippers to polishing solutions, together with sessions for attendees to learn how to implement them in their business.


A graphic demonstrating the online community of the event. Image courtesy of OnRobot.


OnRobot said demos would mainly focus on collaborative metal and metalworking applications, packaging, food processing, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and logistics.

Commenting on the news, OnRobot CEO Enrico Krog Iversen said the OnRobot Expo event had been organized to help companies overcome a series of increasing challenges.

“Manufacturers of all sizes are facing serious challenges in 2020 and, as a result, many are turning to collaborative applications to stay competitive and resilient,” Iversen explained.

“We created OnRobot Expo to help manufacturers learn about collaborative applications and automation from their manufacturing peers and thought leaders from business and academia.”

Event participants can also explore OnRobot’s product range via an interactive digital platform created especially for the event.


Collaborative Automation Expertise

The OnRobot Expo will feature keynotes from several speakers, including Camilo Buscaron, Amazon Web Service’s Head of Cloud Robotics Open Source Technology & Strategy. At the event, Buscaron will discuss how Amazon develops, tests, and deploys robot applications for industrial automation.

Robotics investor and creator of TV show Shark Tank, Mark Cuban will also be present at the event and hold a series of discussion panels with Iversen and Hirebotics CEO Rob Goldiez.

The experts will debate topics related to collaborative robotics applications, offering, and advice for manufacturers to implement these technologies in real-world scenarios.


Some of the speakers at OnRobot Expo. Image courtesy of OnRobot.

A total of 14 speakers will be present at the event, including Technicon CEO Casper Hansen, Join Kurt Nielsen from the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), and Sue Keay from the Robotics Australia Group.


Registration Details

Attendees can register for the ‘OnRobot Expo’ at this link to have access to a series of resources from the event, which will roll through three continents within two days. These will include keynote presentations from industry leaders with actionable insights aimed at supporting small-to-medium size manufacturing companies.

The OnRobot Expo event will also feature how-to sessions to enable participants to explore popular cobot applications for various industries.

The event will open on December 2nd in Europe with a press conference held by Iversen, followed by a second day following U.S. time.

Finally, the third day of the OnRobot Expo will run on Asia Pacific time and will end with a keynote held by Iversen, together with Cuban, and Goldiez.


Will you be participating in the event?