OnRobot’s MG10 is a Magnetic Gripper for Automotive and Aerospace Applications

April 04, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

As part of its One-System Solution, OnRobot launched the MG10 magnetic gripper for pick-and-place or machine tending capabilities.

OnRobot is an end of arm tooling (EoAT) manufacturer for collaborative applications. They have offices around the globe that focus on innovative technology to improve robotic tool and grip functionality. With the addition of the MG10 to their product line, they have helped improve magnetic gripper reliability and ease of use substantially.  


OnRobot MG10 Magnetic Gripper

The MG10 is a magnetic gripper with smart technology to improve magnetic grippers' capability in modern manufacturing. More traditional magnetic grippers use spacers to vary the magnet strength needed to pick and place parts. 


OnRobot MG10 magnetic gripper

OnRobot’s MG10 magnetic gripper. Image used courtesy of OnRobot


Numerous problems can become a factor when using spacers in magnetic gripping. It is hard to account for parts variation, and there is no way to confirm a successful or unsuccessful part pick without additional sensors. Grippers relying on spacers can be difficult to integrate into applications using very thin sheet metal since picking up multiple sheets at once is quite likely without extreme magnetic precision.

One way of eliminating the multiple sheet pickup problem is to use pneumatic grippers. The obstacle with pneumatics is high maintenance demands and complex plumbing. 

The MG10 can simplify the process when compared to pneumatic systems. Its extremely sensitive magnet can vary strength when necessary to pick up thin sheets of metal individually. Right out of the box, the MG10 is ready to go and includes everything needed for a successful application, which helps reduce the complexity of the robotic system utilizing it. 


One-System Solution

OnRobot’s mission is to dramatically reduce complexity in industrial robotics applications. They have been working toward an electrical and mechanical unification of systems that allows for easy single vendor programming and training. 


OnRobot One-System Solution

How OnRobot’s One-System Solution works. Image used courtesy of OnRobot


In a unified system, vendors have virtually unlimited possibilities for efficiently integrating different processes. With the One-System Solution, deployment of robotic systems can be faster, helping manufacturers realize the benefits of automation sooner.

OnRobot’s MG10 is one of the latest additions to the One-System Solution. Its convenient application process makes for a quick and easy installation into many different systems. The MG10 is designed to be a plug-and-play gripper with minimal hassle during and after installation. 

With a wide range of applications, it can pick up many different types of sheet metal, including thin, abrasive, perforated, and uneven surfaces. Due to these features, the MG10 fits well into the automotive, aerospace, or other industries that rely heavily on sheet metal for manufacturing their products. 

The MG10 can provide a single gripping system to replace different style grippers. The need for pneumatic grippers is reduced and unreliable magnetic grippers can be mostly eliminated. Because the MG10 can replace so many other grip systems, aerospace and automotive manufacturers can reduce the amount of maintenance, training, and complexity for several of their processes.